Childbirth in Ukraine Will Require Payment If the Healthcare Reforms Are Adopted

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The draft of the healthcare reform stipulates that as of 2019 childbirth in Ukraine will become a paid service, except in emergencies. This was stated by the member of parliamentary committee on healthcare questions Olga Bogomolets.

“If we take childbirth as an example, it can be planned [childbirth – ed] and thus, according to new laws, it is subject to payment. But childbirth can be an emergency. And then it is emergency help. So it is covered by the State,” said Bogomolets.

The acting Minister of Health Ulana Suprun also reported that the new rules will concern women in labor after 2019.

“We will have some services that as a pilot will be paid in a different way. And we have chosen childbirth as one of those that will be paid in a different way. We will pay for childbirth as a package of all services that are provided at the time of delivery. It will be paid through the state agency – the National Health Service. As of 2019 we are already going to pass to paying a fee at the secondary-tertiary level,” said Suprun.

Today childbirth in Ukraine is officially free. At the same time, it concerns both planned and emergency childbirth.

But it’s not a secret for anybody that many pregnant women prefer to voluntarily sign prenatal records with their chosen doctors or maternity hospitals and to pay for childbirth either officially, or under the table. Nobody forces pregnant women to do so, but quite often future mothers prefer to be insured, choosing where they will give birth.

The average “fee” today on childbirth across Kiev is $800-1000 (caesarean is usually more expensive) to the doctor in an envelope, in the small cities it is a smaller sum. For example, in Sumy the “fee” is $300-500. It is possible to sign, if desired, an official contract with a maternity hospital for contractual childbirth. For example, in some maternity hospitals of Kiev the cost of such a contract is 8000 hryvnias. Included in this sum are both childbirth and a separate chamber after the mother’s delivery of the baby.

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But if a young mother and her family have no such money, then she can give birth free of charge. The separate chamber won’t be provided, but all the necessary help will be given. After the adoption of reforms planned childbirth will become a paid service regardless of the financial status of the woman in labor.

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