Children in Ukraine Are Defiled at the Expense of the State Budget

What the connection is between the propaganda of sexual perversions and the closure of opposition TV in Ukraine

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine decided to update the library fund of the “new European power”. In particular, colourful comics about romantic homosexual passion are recommended for young and middle-aged children. The state procurement budget is 666,000 hryvnias.

It is not surprising that the propaganda of Euro-gay values has flourished in Ukraine with all the colours of the LGBT flag. Only now children are being defiled at the expense of the state budget.

We are talking about 1240 copies of the essay by New Zealander O’Neill “Princess Princess ever after”, where the story of lesbian girls ends with a same-sex “marriage”.

The first attempts made by the Ukrainian authorities to encourage homosexuality took place even before the coup d’etat and coincided with the beginning of Ukraine’s progress (under Yanukovych) towards association with the European Union. In early 2013, Prime Minister Azarov submitted a draft law On combating discrimination to the parliament. According to the Azarov act, the unwillingness to hire a person of a certain nationality or a certain sexual orientation could cause criminal prosecution. Back then the law was not adopted thanks to a good hundred thousand signatures collected at the actions of the Union of Orthodox Fraternities of Ukraine (Valentin Lukiyanik), the People’s Council of Ukraine (Igor Druz), parent committees (Aleksandr Skvortsov, Aleksandr Kanevsky), where they did not lose the idea of what is morality.

However, the following year, morality was abolished. As was reported in October 2014 by director of the Ukrainian cultural Center S. Dolasko, the Ministry of Culture has prepared a short-term strategy of the Ministry for 2014-2015. “The strategy consists of only four items: ‘The first point is European integration, the second is European integration, the third is European integration. And the fourth point is the abolition of public morality’.”

A month after the February coup, the new Prime Minister Yatsenyuk introduced a draft law in the parliament, copied from Azarov and with clear definitions on sexual grounds. In May 2014, the draft law was adopted and signed by Turchynov. Since then, statements about the inadmissibility of gay parades and any other LGBT actions/installations (including in schools and kindergartens) are considered discrimination in Ukraine. The definition of sodomy as a sin or a disease can be considered as “criteria for assessing when a group of individuals may have a less favourable situation in the exercise of their rights”.

Even within the framework of the short-term program, its authors and performers began to use funds for street advertising, presenting the defenders of morality as sadists and executioners/organisers of a “national Homo-mor.

Street posters in support of LGBT people

The “Action plan for the implementation of the National Strategy in the field of human rights”, published by the Cabinet of Ministers, further strengthened the inviolability of homosexuals. Your humble servant spoke about how strictly it was carried out at one of the international conferences in defence of family values.

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Under the Krivoy Rog libertarian Zelensky, of course, the planned rate of corruption of Ukrainians could not decrease in any way. And all the abysses with which the Ministry of Education instilled tolerance for sodomy were opened with quarantine and the distance education of children.

Especially shocking is the English language lesson in the 5th grade, where an old, shabby lesbian diaspora woman, within the framework of the theme “Holidays and Traditions”, tells students about the celebration of Easter (!) in England with her girlfriend.

The organiser of distance learning for children in Ukraine is the office of the President, the Ministry of Education and a certain civil union “Osvitoriya”. The organisation’s website declares “tolerance and the fight against homophobia” as one of the “main modern values of the western world”. After all, “every year more and more countries officially recognise same-sex marriage, and they start talking about the diversity of sexual orientations even in schools”. It is also indicated that “Osvitoriya” intends to retrain 22,000 students within the framework of cooperation with the Ministry of Education. primary school teachers (with the assistance of the Soros “Renaissance”, of course). By order of the Ministry of Education, “Osvitoriya” has already raised 50 “coaches” (two from each region of Ukraine). They will be engaged in the “professional development” of 22,000 teachers. The pilot project has been running since 2014: this is the Novopechersk School in Kiev.

And the confirmation that the corruption of children in Ukraine has been ongoing since the beginning of the “revolution of dignity” is the same 666,000 hryvnias issued for children’s literature by the Groisman government.

In May 2020, the Cabinet of Ministers supported Ukraine’s accession to the Biarritz Partnership for Gender Equality. Biarritz is a small town in France, where at the G7 summit in 2019, under the presidency of Macron, the partnership of the “seven” was announced in the cause of this very “gender equality”.

And “gender” is not just about gender. This is what “you feel like” – even a Gallic rooster.

According to the partnership’s action plan for “transforming cultural traditions and customs with bold policies”, its participants call for “comprehensive” sex education in schools, “access to modern contraception and safe abortion services”, and the fight against “harmful gender stereotypes, including masculine qualities that are harmful to all genders”.

The 2019 partnership committed to achieving “gender parity in national, ministerial and representative delegations” by 2025. The same applies to the acceding states. Delegations should be formed according to quotas: every “gender”, and there are now about a dozen of them, has its own quota.

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In September 2020, Zelensky reported with fanfare: “Ukraine has become a full member of the Biarritz Partnership!” In December, Prime Minister Shmygal approved an action plan to implement the commitments under the Biarritz Partnership for Gender Equality. The plan provides for “cross-cutting integration of the gender component in the educational process”, including the introduction of anti-discrimination examinations of all educational content” and gender audits of educational institutions”. The implementation of “examinations” lies with the Ministry of Education, NGOs and international organisations (Soros ones). And ministries, other central executive authorities, regional administrations and the Kiev City Hall must submit quarterly reports on the implementation of the plan.

The Chairman of the State Committee for Nationalities and Religions (2009-2010), Yury Reshetnikov, noted: “It is noteworthy that the action plan was worked on not by the Department of the Humanitarian and Social Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, but by the office of the Government Commissioner for Gender Policy, K. Levchenko, known for her intolerant attitude to measures aimed at protecting traditional family values.”

Minister of Education Shkralet, according to whom “The Biarritz Partnership is supervised by the office of the First Lady of Ukraine, Elena Zelenskaya”, gave an example of an object of an “anti-discrimination examination”: “For example, ‘mum washed the window frame’ – dad can wash the window frame… Equal opportunities for men and women, boys and girls.”

With regard to international organisations and NGOs, they do not have to wait for directives from the government. On October 20th 2020, the Norwegian Embassy in Ukraine and the AIDS Foundation East-West launched a joint project “Towards Rights and Gender Equality”. The project managers “identify active youth leaders from key population groups to educate their peers about gender issues through social events”.

And the latest news. The Ministry of Health allocates more than 10 million hryvnias for “bio-behavioural research into men who have sexual relations with men”. Bishop Viktor (Kotsaba), representative of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) in international organisations, reacted to this message as follows: “It’s not even that the Ministry of Health spends Ukrainian taxpayers’ money on things that are incomprehensible and unacceptable for most citizens of our country… The fact is that you and I are gradually being taught to think that unnatural relations between men and women are the norm.”

As a social network user stated, the naked buttocks of the future deputy “cossack” Gavrylyuk on Maidan became a symbol of the coming era.

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The “titular nation” itself was equated with pederasts. This was reported on Facebook by the historian Aleksandr Karevin: “This blasphemous act was committed not by some damned Ukrainophobe and Putin’s agent, but by the First Channel of the National Radio of Ukraine. Specifically: the host of this morning’s broadcast Denis Denisenko. Just don’t think that Denis sold out to the Kremlin (he might have sold out, but the Kremlin doesn’t buy such persons). The journalist is still a nationalist Maidanist lad. He did not commit blasphemy out of malice, but out of stupidity. The phrase he said today sounded like this: ‘In the 21st century, some countries allowed same-sex marriage, and in Ukraine they finally recognised that we will talk in Ukrainian!’ In this case, it is difficult to disagree with Denis. The phenomena listed by him are of the same order. They are quite comparable in terms of the level of absurdity. The radio host can be thanked for his frankness. Bravo, Denis!”

It is now clear why the publishing house “Ridna Mova” acted as the commissioner for the formation of the list of books, which included “Princess Princess”. Apparently, the representative of the state broadcaster, who is zealously supported by the LGBT community and who is happy about the closure of the TV channels that gave the floor to Viktor Medvedchuk, is right: “Now, instead of three pro-Russian channels, around-the-clock LGBT propaganda will be broadcast on your blue screens. You can’t run away from us!”

Indeed. Now there is no hiding from this diversity in the information space of Ukraine.

Dmitry Skvortsov

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