Children’s “Crusade” in Defence of the Interests of Soros and Liberal Globalisation

In New York the UN summit, the key topic of which was the fight against climate change, opened on September 24th 2019. And the emotional performance of the 16-year-old Swedish eco-activist Greta Thunberg became its main event discussed around the world.

Choking from emotion and righteous indignation in relation to the whole world, the truant schoolgirl created for herself the image of an uncompromising fighter against carbon dioxide emissions and with national economies in general. Portraying pretentious anger on her ugly face, Thunberg read a pre-written diatribe in which she accused world politicians of betraying the youth and that they stole her childhood and dreams:

It is difficult to say how sincere Greta Thunberg is, who already for more than a year, instead of going to school, appears every Friday at the building of the Swedish parliament with the poster “School Strike for Climate”. In any case, her trip to the Davos Forum across the whole of Europe by train and across the Atlantic Ocean on a racing yacht instead of a fast and convenient flight by air transportation deserve a certain respect. The girl refuses flatly to fly by plane as they leave a big carbon footprint. Meanwhile, the naive youthful motives of Thunberg, who has a serious mental illness – Asperger’s syndrome, which she was diagnosed with several years ago, have not been ignored by supporters of liberal globalisation. They were converted not only into a profitable business for the members of the Thunberg family and the “environmental activists” swarming around her, but also became a convenient and externally favourable way of influencing national political elites, and also a factor of destabilising the situation in those countries that reject the rules of a liberal and globalist world order.

It’s not a coincidence that Greta Thunberg, like a mad French shepherdess, inciting several thousands of children and teenagers on a doomed-in-advance crusade against the Saracens, became the main inspirer of weekly protests under the hashtag #FridaysForFuture. They are held weekly on Fridays in dozens of countries, and their main participants are students and schoolchildren, hysterically demanding to stop greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. So far, Russia stands apart from these climate protests, where there are still quite a few adherents of the cult of Greta Thunberg. Probably, it for this reason that the well-known liberal guru and a torch-bearer Andrey Makarevich complained on Facebook that “our citizens do not seem to care about problems of this scale” and “we live behind the fence of humanity”.

We will not go into the nuances of the climate problem, which, in our deep conviction, need an extensive discussion with the involvement of the academic community, but not in any way the shouting of stupid school students and the crazy speeches of so-called eco-activists. What’s important is that all these #FridaysForFuture actions and trips of a mentally unhealthy truant girl to the international meetings in Davos, to the UN Secretary-General Guterres, and even to the Pope, would be impossible without the relevant PR company and financing. And this is where things get interesting.

As the independent Italian publication “Il Primato Nazionale” testifies, one of the main organisers of the Friday climatic student actions in Europe and the curator of Greta Thunberg herself is the 23-year-old eco-activist from Hamburg Luisa-Marie Neubauer. The girl works for the “ONE” foundation, which positions itself as a global movement fighting against poverty and hunger in Africa, for the protection of the rights of the black population, gender equality, and other “international problems” so well-loved by the advocates of liberal globalism. Among the sponsors of “ONE” there is the well-known “Open Society” foundation of the American multibillionaire George Soros. As a reminder, the Soros foundation is one of key sponsors of all “colour revolutions” in the world, including the “democratic revolutions” in Libya and Syria, which not only put the vast majority of the population of these countries on the edge of survival, but also provoked an acute migration crisis in Europe. Also among the beneficiaries of the Greta Tunberg project is “The Global Marshall Plan” of the former American Vice President Al Gore and such a supranational globalist structure as the “Club of Rome”, which actively supported the fight of the young Swedish activist-autist.

Why are the advocates of a liberal globalist world order ready to invest millions of dollars in the notorious “fight for climate protection”, exploiting the obsessions of an unfortunate child who needs not an invitation to a session of the United Nations General Assembly, but the qualified help of a psychiatrist? Are they indeed so worried by global warming and other horror stories for too impressionable adherents of the coming natural apocalypse?

More likely, the involvement of the youth in such simulacrum as a controlled and paid environmental movement is designed to delay the inevitable crash of the unipolar world. On the one hand, it is the best way to distract young people from anti-globalism protest actions and the increasing discontent with a new world order with its social inequality, dictatorship of multinational corporations, and “exportation of democracy”. On the other hand, the aspiration of globalists is clearly traced under the pretext of combatting global warming as much as possible in order to limit the economic growth of developing states, preserving the global hegemony of the “golden billion”.

And this is the main explanation of why the Greta Thunberg project will continue to excite the world community for a long time…

Dmitry Pavlenko

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