Chronicles of Baltic Russophobia: Everything in Its Time

NEW – August 13, 2022

The Latvian Saeima recognised the Russian Federation as a “state sponsor of terrorism” … Lithuania continues to restrict Russian transit to the Kaliningrad region… The Prime Minister of Estonia said that for Russian citizens visiting the European Union should be considered not as a right, but as a privilege, after which Estonia canceled the validity of visas issued to Russian citizens through its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the exception of “special cases”.

These Baltic states, which until 1991 were part of the USSR as union republics (and especially their political elites), are still, as always, at the forefront of Russophobia. Rather, their very Russophobia is a consequence of their slavish dependence on Western “masters”.

From the developed industry, agriculture, science, culture and art for more than 30 years of “independence” on these territories, there is nothing left but memories, and even those will soon disappear. Therefore, it is vital for proud and freedom-loving states to carry out their economic instructions as diligently as possible and anticipate their desires. Fortunately, there are no difficulties here — all these desires boil down to making Russia as bad as possible or not exist at all. So the Baltic politicians, like the dwarfs in the famous book by Jonathan Swift, have to dance and jump on the rope of Russophobia best of all — otherwise they will not be happy: they will immediately have to be left without power and money.

At the same time, the task has recently become more complicated: an anti-Chinese rope has also been added to the Russophobic one, so the risk of breaking one’s neck has critically increased. So far, only Lithuania, whose government delegation has visited Taiwan literally in the footsteps of Nancy Pelosi, has allowed itself to make such jokes. But also: with the Kaliningrad transit, Vilnius had to turn on the reverse gear, since even the reserves of impudence there are far from unlimited, and without guarantees of Western support, the Lithuanian authorities did not dare to create a fully-fledged casus belli against themselves. Such guarantees were not received and could not be.

But Latvia and Estonia, which are not in a hurry to go to the anti-Chinese front yet, have to literally jump out of the costume of their own statehood on the anti-Russian front, fully supporting all the initiatives of their Western masters in this regard. No sooner did the US Congress introduce a proposal to recognise the Russian Federation as a “state sponsor of terrorism”, and bang! – Latvia has already done this… The “president of Ukraine” V. A. Zelensky did not have time to demand that all countries of the “alliance of democracies” close entry to their territory for all Russian citizens, and bang! – Estonia is right here, Latvia is right behind… At the same time, Latvia – oh, happiness! – at the same time, decided to resume purchases of Russian gas, and Estonia, despite the official refusal of Russian electricity, seems to continue to use it — which, along with the return to operation of shale power plants, allows to keep the price of electricity almost 35% lower than in Lithuania and Latvia — 252.05 euros versus 341.71 euros per megawatt/hour.

There is no need to even talk about the deployment of more and more NATO military contingents on the territory of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia and the supply of heavy weapons here in this regard — there is less and less doubt that Western “masters” are deliberately substituting the Baltic republics for some kind of retaliatory actions of Russia in order to expand the conflict zone — under the chorus official statements that NATO does not want a war against Russia and does not pose a danger to Moscow. Is it serious? After numerous statements by Western leaders that they need to win a victory over Russia on the battlefield almost before the autumn?

However, these leaders can always be dismissed (which has already happened in some countries of the alliance of democracies) and pretend that nothing else exists and never happened. But the fact that the fact of crossing the red lines against our country took place will not be able to be canceled. By the way, a very recent example: when Norway tried to block the transit of Russian cargo to Svalbard, one non-official hint was enough to convince Oslo that as a result, Russia might denounce the 2010 Barents Sea Treaty (by default, with the prospect of withdrawing from the Svalbard Treaty of 1920) — the issue was immediately resolved.

Perhaps it makes sense to inform Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn that the decision of such an unconstitutional authority as the State Council of the USSR to recognise the independence of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia of September 6, 1991, as well as subsequent interstate treaties with them of the Russian Federation, may be revised unilaterally in case of further discriminatory actions? The time may not be right yet, but thanks to the actions of the Baltic Russophobes, it is fast approaching. Very fast.


On August 12, Latvia and Estonia announced their withdrawal from cooperation with China in the “16+1” format in the fields of economy, culture, tourism, science and education.

Aleksandr Maslov

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