Churchill’s Adviser and OUN Speak About Stalin

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Vladimir Kornilov 1/2

On April 24, 1942, the “Times” published enthusiastic words about Stalin pronounced by Lord Beaverbrook, Lord-Keeper of the Privy Seal, the closest adviser of Churchill:

“Communism under Stalin has produced the most valiant fighting army in Europe. Communism under Stalin has provided us with examples of patriotism equal to the finest in the annals of history. Communism under Stalin has produced the best generals of this war… He is a master of tactics and in the end will defeat the enemy”. Now in Britain these words for some reason are not really quoted…

Beaverbrook urged allies to open a Second front immediately. Allow me to remind you that more than two years passed before the disembarkation in Normandy…

But the newspaper “Ukrainske Polissya” issued by OUN on April 24th, 1942, the editorial “Stalinism – creation of world Jewry”.

The article reveals the horrible plans of Stalin and his clique: “to start a war with the purpose of staging after victory a world revolution that is actually subordinated to the world’s Jewish power”.

In this regard the OUN newspaper called to arrange the massacre of Jews around the world. Let me remind you, one of the leaders of the Chernigov OUN Fedir Pipa was the editor-in-chief of this Nazi newspaper. Now Vyatrovich tells all sorts of tales about how OUN supported Jews and didn’t participate in the Holocaust.

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