CIA Files Confirm That Bandera Was a German Spy

Translated by Ollie Richardson


In the electronic library of the Central Intelligence Agency of the US a document was published dated 1951, four pages of which assert that the icon of Ukrainian nationalism (integral nationalism, russophobia, and anti-communism) Stepan Bandera was a German spy. This was reported by t
he Odessa online publication “Slovo”.

“The documents in the CIA electronic library appeared 10 years ago, but they recently became available to the general public. Understanding that accidents very rarely happen in this department, it is possible to assume that a new phase of the special operation in Ukraine is being prepared. Ukrainian radical nationalists should think about the future, about whether they are being prepared for utilisation,” it is noted in the publication.

“If the specified document isn’t enough, then it is possible to rummage through the CIA archive even more deeply. Real revelations await you, in the form of 293 pages of various documents devoted to the subject of Nazism and Bandera personally. You will learn that Stepan Bandera cooperated not only with the Third Reich, but also with the CIA, which inherited it.

The Americans very distinctly wrote: “Stepan Bandera is a Ukrainian fascist and professional spy (German nickname ‘Consul-II)’. And those who think that this isn’t enough can safely refer to the Spiegel magazine, which in distant 1959 about the death of Bandera described why he was released from a Polish prison,” writes the publication.


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