Civil Courage: How Oleg Tsarev Tried to Prevent War in Ukraine [DOCUMENTARY]

Subtitles by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard

April 14th, 2014. Monday. The beginning of the Holy Week.

The day before Oleg Tsarev was called, not once. The Orthodox Christians from Odessa called – they warned that an attack on him is being prepared. On April 14th the “Freedom of speech” program was due to be aired, where the acting Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada and the presidential candidate of Ukraine Oleg Tsarev was invited by the host Andrey Kulikov within the framework of the electoral campaign. But dialogue was not forthcoming. After the broadcast, Right Sector tried to storm the building twice. After this, Oleg Tsarev made the decision to come out to the crowd so that nothing happens to the members of his team and the employees of the TV channel. It was obvious that it will not be possible to hold the studio with such little protective bodies.

Tsarev went outside, accompanied by several bodyguards. The furious people attacked them, striking blows, eggs were thrown, under a squall of strikes they managed to reach the ambulance car, which was blocked just afterwards. The militants demanded that Tsarev fall to his knees and apologise. The enraged crowd demanded to bring him to Maidan in order to execute him there. But some of the representatives of Right Sector supported bringing the presidential candidate to the Prosecutor’s Office, so that Tsarev resigns and writes a refusal to run for the post of President. Thanks to this he survived.

They beat Tsarev, tore off his clothes, but he didn’t surrender. In exchange for release he didn’t write what the protesters demanded – a statement about his resignation from power as an acting People’s Deputy and presidential candidate.

He wanted to stop war. He wanted to preserve Ukraine.

A courageous man! A Hero of our time.

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