“Civil War” in Donbass, Russia Doesn’t Finance Terrorism: Bundestag Document Counters Maidan’s Anti-Russia Narrative

On the website of the German Bundestag a curious document called “Intervention in the zone of civil war: the role of Russia in the conflict in the southeast of Ukraine” appeared.

There are interesting excerpts:

1.3. The Ukrainian Armed Forces and pro-Russian separatists have been fighting in the country for five years. The territorial conflict has classic features of a non-international (internal) armed conflict.

2.3. The conflict between the Ukrainian central government and pro-Russian separatists in Donbass is a non-international (internal) armed conflict under international law.

3. The Court (The Hague) does not believe that Russia was a state financing terrorism. The judges acknowledged that a significant number of civilians had been killed in the fighting. However, the separatists did not set themselves such a goal. There has to be deliberate killing in order to be able to talk about terrorism legally. Ukraine did not provide sufficient evidence of this.

So, civil war and no sign of terrorism. This is something that all law-abiding citizens of anti-war and anti-fascist views have been talking about for 6 years. This is something for which law-abiding citizens of Ukraine are killed (like Buzina) and imprisoned.

And here it is interesting: Nazis and fools deceived by oligarchic propaganda shouted on Maidan that Europe is with them, but it turns out that it is with us.

And it’s interesting: if it’s a civil war (and not a Russia-Ukraine one) and if there are no signs of terrorism (and no Ukrainian court has recognised the LDPR as terrorists), how should the actions of the SBU and the Prosecutor’s Office, which grab people on charges of aiding terrorism for publicly saying everything written in the official document of the German Bundestag, be qualified?

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Pavel Volkov

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