Civilians Killed After Ukrainian Tank Shells Yasinovataya

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


As a result of massive shelling by UAF punishers, including from a tank, today in Yasinovataya civilians have died, and there is damage to buildings.

“The shell punched through the room, the neighboring apartment and the floor, and exploded in the basement,” said the local.

“Today, on March 30th, as a result of shelling from forbidden arms by the UAF on the settlement Yasinovataya, a man living down Festivalnaya Street died. Information about a second killed person arrived, but data about him is being clarified. Also, as a result of a direct hit of a tank shell, a house on Nekrasova Street is destroyed, and shelling is still ongoing,” said the war correspondent Ekaterina.

Armed groups of Ukrainian terrorists continue to stage provocations on the order of the criminal Kiev regime, thereby flagrantly violating the Minsk Agreement.

“In the evening, at around 18.30, Yasinovataya came under fire. Locals confirmed the version of events of the military – it was firing at by a tank of the Ukrainian side (some observed this from windows of skyscrapers). One of the shells killed a 81-year-old pensioner Anatoly Semenovich in his own apartment. What it was turned into is visible in a photo (7 Festivalnaya Street). Also apartments on 12 Nekrasova Street were damaged – a shell to the yard, high-explosive fragmental – judging by the fact that it exploded, grazing a tree.”

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