Gone With the Wind: Civilians Massacred in US Airstrike in Manbij

By Ollie Richardson

[Update: As of July 2017 the videos featured in this article are no longer available. The main video of the aftermath of a US airstrike in Manbij can be found here]

The US-led coalition’s presence in Syria is becoming more unwelcome and untenable as the days pass. In the age of Social Media and the general hyper speed of information dissemination, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the massacre of civilians to simply go unnoticed…

On July 28th, A US-led coalition airstrike on Ghandura village in northern Manbij resulted in the deaths of 45 civilians, including women and children. The bombing targeted a street market crowded with people. The following day, ISIS, which still controls parts of the city, posted a video depicting the aftermath of the airstrike.

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US’ response

Totally ignoring the airstrike in Manbij, the US central command simply published a blanket statement covering the last 9 months, where they claim only 14 civilians were killed as a result of their air strikes:

“U.S. Central Command announced the results of several civilian casualty assessments today. After a thorough review of the facts and circumstances for each allegation, the evidence indicates six separate U.S. airstrikes in Iraq and Syria from July 28, 2015 to April 29, 2016, have unfortunately resulted in the death of 14 civilians and injuries to an additional civilian. We deeply regret the unintentional loss of life and injuries resulting from our airstrikes and express our sympathies to those affected”

Perhaps central command forgot to add a zero or more, because one only needs to Google “US Airstrikes in Syria” to see the rate of murder they are guilty of. As the US airforce is not coordinating their actions with Russia or Bashar al-Assad, it is safe to say that many hundreds, maybe thousands, have been eviscerated in silence. It is possible that Russia is collecting this data for a future media campaign, something Turkey is familiar with (ISIS oil trade)…

One Day Later…

Just after the Mabij massacre, the western warplanes were hungry for blood once again, this time massacring 140 people in one fell swoop. France is responsible for 120 of those deaths – the US for at least 20. Of course, French media (BFM TV, TFI, France 24, AFP etc) simply ignored the reports in eastern (Russian) media, and continued to report on civilians “fleeing the bloody regime in Aleppo”.

Unfortunately for Hollande & Co, Damascus sent a request to the UN to investigate these war crimes. However, if their attitude towards the Ukrainian Army’s violations in Donbass are anything to go by, they will simply feed the document into a shredder.

“Syria is demanding the UN take action after it says French war planes killed more than 120 civilians during airstrikes on Tuesday near the Turkish-Syrian border. The deaths came just a day after US air assaults killed a further 20 people in Manbij.”

Adding insult to injury (or genocide in this case), the US is now establishing their Military Industrial Complex inside Syria itself. This will mean the death toys won’t have to travel far to complete their grotesque mission.

“Six3 Intelligence Solutions Inc., McLean, Virginia, was awarded a $ 9,578,964 modification (P00001) to contract W564KV-16-C-0058 for intelligence analysis services. Work will be performed in Germany, Italy, and Syria, with an estimated completion date of June 29, 2017. Fiscal 2016 operations and maintenance (Army) funds in the amount of $6,370,000 were obligated at the time of the award. Army Contracting Command, Kaiserslautern, Germany APO AE, is the contracting activity.”

It is also worth mentioning that the US is building illegal constructions in northern Syria all the time, with the latest example being in Lafarge cement factory in North Syria.

Lafarge cement factory

30-day Libya Bombardment

In North Africa, the old adage “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” is finding a tangible analogue. For the US, results don’t matter (see Vietnam) – as long as Gaddafi was removed, and Libya turned into a Jihadist nest, then it was smiles all around. But now in Libya there is a different problem – perpetual warfare outside of the US’ control. What was once a manageable marionette is now a tribal war, with the US only having influence on Tripoli and Benghazi.

These sorts of conflicts are good news for companies like Lockheed Martin and the shareholders and board members that sully Senate and Congress, simply because they make money. Thus, Obama recently announced 30 days of intense airstrikes in Libya, because it’s “in the US’ interests”… But of course, the EU will play the victim when ISIS commits more acts of terrorism, because it couldn’t possibly have anything to do with Uncle Sam prodding it’s own hornet’s nest with a useless, expensive F-35 stick. We can expect the genocide of Libyan civilians to continue, and the UN to turn a blind eye, much like they do in Yemen.

“Moderate” Massacres

The 4+1 command in Syria (Russia, Iran, Iraq, Assad + Hezbollah) is working night and day to defeat the US and allies, but it isn’t easy. If Russia attacks terrorists in North Aleppo, the US increases its support for their terrorists in the South. And visa-versa. Russia’s main obstacle since completing their initial mission (which led to the “withdrawal) – liberating Lakatia and destroying Turkish-ISIS oil trade – is declawing the multi-faceted monster that lies in Aleppo. This monster consists of Al Nusra and the “moderate” rebels, with the lines distinguishing the groups firmly blurred. The US has overtly armed and funded groups under the FSA umbrella, which ‘accidentally’ hand over their weapons to ISIS…

The video below illustrates the US’ strategy very effectively: A New Syrian Army (A new CIA-trained group project after the Division 30 catastrophe) commander gives a tough-guy speech to the camera, but messes up his lines. The American cameraman tells him to start again. But how did this video come to the surface?  The Syrian Army raided a major ISIS warehouse in the recently liberated Aleppo neighborhood of Bani Zeid. Inside the warehouse was a plethora of weapons, but also video material, which they had presumably taken from the “moderate” rebels. So as we can see, it’s a bizarre game of ‘pass the ammo crate’, which begins its journey in Washington.

4 New Squadrons

After spending 3+ months trying to encourage the US to separate its “moderate” rebels from Al Nusra (in the background of the cessation of hostilities agreement deal struck during talks in Geneva), Russia has started to see signs that the Obama administration has no intention whatsoever of cooperating with Russia in Syria. As a result, Russia will now send 4 additional Squadrons over to the Levant to aid the Syrian Arab Army in Aleppo. For Russia, liberating Aleppo is the primary objective, but first they must tackle either the South or North of the city, depending on which one is the weakest front.


As the encirclement of the city is complete, the only thing that remained was to open humanitarian corridors for civilians, and ‘encourage’ the terrorists to flee and use Assad’s amnesty card. This has now happened, so for Russia, the time is right to liberate the city with full force.

As was previously mentioned, there is a game of cat and mouse going on between the US and Russia, whereby if Russia bombs terrorist positions in the North, the US ramps up support for their terrorists in the South (where Nusra mainly dominate), and visa-versa. Russia is seemingly committing to attacking the North, for now…

South Aleppo

We can safely say that Al-Nusra’s “rebranding” was a reaction to the Syrian Army’s gains in Aleppo (an attempt to make the group exempt from Russia’s bombs), and that some separation between the “moderate” rebels and Al Qaeda in Syria is starting to happen. The beheading of a 12 year old boy by US-vetted Al-Zenki, and the barbaric way also US-vetted Jaish Al-Fatah shotdown a Russian Mi-8 and treated the crew members’ bodies like dirt are PR disasters for Obama and his Pentagon goons.

It is still unknown whether Russia will definitely send its Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier to the region in October, just in time for the US presidential elections, but judging by the way things are going, even though war is long, such a step may not be needed, although a sequel to the Caspian Kalibr spectacular would be a sight to behold. 

Jaish al-Fath Saudi scholar Abdallah Muhammad al Muhaysini, after spending some time on crutches after surviving an airstrike (unlike “FSA” cameraman Khaled al-Essa), tries his best to inspire recruits for Jihad in Aleppo…

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