The “Civilisers” of the West Continue to Kill Russian Children Over 70 Years Later

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


I don’t want to discuss the background of the event that became topic number one on Russian social networks — the speeches in the Bundestag by children from Urengoy, where oligarchical fortunes that are hammered together on gas exports, seemingly, perverted the consciousness of the local population so much that some children and their parents, in principle, don’t know the feeling of true compassion.

The author of this text – Vladimir Lepekhin

The scum has a Motherland there, where it is paid for delivering products – whether it be Urengoy gas or Urengoy treachery. Let’s talk about the other children. About those who are being killed – and not by words, but physically – by the “innocent” soldiers of the western “civilized” armies.

For a start I will republish the text authored by the journalist of VGTRK Andrey Medvedev that was removed from Facebook by the administrators of the network. The text is worthy of being published in its entirety.

“Facebook removed the publication. For some reason, I am not surprised. I will repeat it.

If I had to speak in the Bundestag, as the boy Kolya did, then I, probably, would say such words:

‘Dear deputies. Today I saw a miracle. And this miracle is called Germany. I went to you and looked at the beautiful Berlin streets, at the people, at the remarkable monuments of architecture, and now I stand here, and I look at you. And I understand that all of this is a miracle. That all of you were born into the world and you live in Germany. Why do I think like this? Because – taking into account what your soldiers did at our place, in the occupied territories – the fighters of the Red Army had the full moral right to destroy all German people. To leave only burned fields and ruins where Germany once stood, and only the paragraphs of textbooks would offer a reminder that once there was such a country.

You probably don’t remember all the details of the occupation, but it isn’t even needed. I will simply remind you what the soldiers of Wehrmacht and SS did with Soviet children. They were shot, very often in front of their parents. Or on the contrary, at first they shot the father along with the mother, and then the children. Your soldiers raped children. Children were burned alive, sent to concentration camps, where their blood was taken from them to make serum for your soldiers. Children were starved. Children were devoured to death by your German Shepherds. Children were used as targets. Children were brutally tortured simply for entertainment.

Or here are two examples for you. The newborn prevented the Wehrmacht officer from sleeping, he grabbed it by its leg and smashed its head on the corner of the oven. Your pilots at Lychkovo station destroyed by bombing an echelon that tried to evacuate children to the rear, and then your aces pursued the frightened children, shooting them in an open field. 2,000 children were killed.

Solely for what you were doing to children – I will repeat – the Red Army could’ve destroy Germany completely, along with its inhabitants. It had the full moral right. But it didn’t. Do I regret this? Of course, no. I genuflect in front of the iron will of my ancestors, who found in themselves some incredible forces to not become the same cattle that the soldiers of the Wehrmacht were. On the buckles of German soldiers it was written ‘God is with us’. But they were spawned by hell, and brought hell to our land.

Soldiers of the Red Army were Komsomol members and communists, but the Soviet people appeared to be bigger Christians than the inhabitants of the enlightened religious Europe. And they didn’t start to exact revenge. They were able to understand that it’s not possible to defeat hell with hell. Apologising to us isn’t worth it, after all, you personally aren’t guilty of anything. You can’t be held responsible for your grandfathers and great-grandfathers. And after all, only God forgives.

But I will honestly say — for me, Germans are forever others; extraneous people. It’s not because you are bad people personally. It is the pain of the children burned by the Wehrmacht that screams inside me. And you should accept that at least my generation — for which the memory of war is grandfather’s awards, his scars, his frontline friends — will perceive you as such. What there will be then, I don’t know. Perhaps, after us Mankurts will come, which will forget everything. And we did a lot for this, we f*cked many things up ourselves, but I hope that not all is lost for Russia. Of course, we need to cooperate – Russians and Germans. We need to solve problems together, to fight against ISIS and to build gas pipelines. But you should accept one fact: we will never repent for our Great war. And more so, for the Victory. And even more so, in front of you. In any case, I will repeat: my generation. Because back then we saved not only ourselves. We saved you from youself. And I don’t even know what is more important”.

Such is the post. And it also doesn’t need comments. I presented it here in order to offer a reminder about one important fact: the “civilizers” of the West kill Russian children also today.

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They buy off some Russian children with invitations to the Bundestag, and others with high meetings, walks across elegant Berlin or London, false sympathy for the Russian origin, and flattering promises to teach, award, support, and promote. The children of scum fall for this, sometimes with pleasure. But there are also other children who aren’t being bought off today (illiquid goods) — they are wiped off from the face of the earth. This is, for example, the children of Donbass.

So it happened that at the same time — on the same day of the speech of the well-cared offsprings of the Urengoy oligarchical subservient staff in the Bundestag — in Moscow, in the museum of modern history of Russia the photo exhibition “Look into the Eyes of Donbass” was opened, which it would be more correct to call “Look into the eyes of the children of Donbass”, because at this exhibition 70 photos of real children from the zone of the punitive ATO operation in the Donetsk region are displayed.

“The Ukrainian press mass printed tales about the presence of the Russian army, while in reality the residential quarters were bombed,” writes in one of her articles the author of the majority of photos, the war reporter Irina Lashkevich — who was born in Odessa, but who through fate became a Donetsk citizen.

Behind each of the 70 photos is a real story – the story of a shot family, killed parents, destroyed houses, and, most importantly — a question: for what? The majority of those Donetsk children, whose gazes are imprinted in the photos, will survive, will grow up, and for certain will one way or another will face the gaze of those who today consider the punishers who perished in Ukraine (like how in 1945 the fascists perished near Stalingrad) as the “innocent victims” of events.

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How will the dandelion from Urengoy answer the Donetsk citizens? Will he be able to look into the eyes of those who already in the 21st century endured the horrors of Nazism?

The tragedy at the school stadium is only one story. Irina Lashkevich has hundreds of them. After all, in more than three years she passed many kilometers on foot with a camera strapped to her directly in the zone of the shelling by the punishers of the residential quarters of Donetsk and in those settlements that became the advanced frontline of the two armies, in one of which all nazi evil spirits of Ukraine and the West was gathered, while the second one defends its houses and land at the call of the heart.

Irina Lashkevich is the witness of crimes against humanity, against you and I, against the citizens of Donetsk, Moscow, and Novy Urengoy. She also invites us to be witnesses.

And last of all. In Irina Lashkevich’s list there are 113 wounded children with addresses and phone numbers — those who found themselves in front of her camera. And in total over three years of punitive operations by “civilisers” in Donbass more than 200 children died, and 500 others were wounded.

Who will speak about them in the Bundestag?


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