A Claim Against the Kiev Junta Will Be Submitted to the International Court of Justice

Translated by Ollie Richardson



The former Prime Minister Nikola Azarov is preparing a new claim for the recognition of the events in Ukraine in 2014 as a coup d’etat.

The Rescue Committee of Ukraine prepares a claim in the international European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. It’s aim is the recognition of events in Ukraine in February, 2014, as a coup d’etat. “Izvestia” discussed this with the head of committee, the former Prime Minister of Ukraine Nikola Azarov. According to him, the text of the statement is almost ready and the claim will soon be submitted. Experts doubt that the initiative will lead to political results, however they consider it to be historically important.

In December, 2016, the Dorogomilovsky court in Moscow decided: in 2014 in Ukraine there was a coup d’etat. It remains for the international community to also come to the same conclusion. As the former Prime Minister of the country Nikola Azarov stated to “Izvestia”, an appeal to the International Court of Justice will soon follow.

“We are now engaged in the submission of a claim in one of the international courts. The issue is being very carefully studied as it is quite difficult — it is necessary to consider many different nuances. We (the Rescue Committee of Ukraine) created a special group that studies this issue. It will probably be the international European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. I won’t give a concrete time, but the submission of the claim is at the final stage,” reported Nikola Azarov to “Izvestia”.

The main question is what are the aims being pursued by the Rescue Committee of Ukraine. If to assume that the International Court of Justice will make a decision in favor of the claimants, the authorities in Kiev all the same won’t change. Maidan is a period that was followed by presidential and parliamentary elections recognized by the world community, including Russia. Most likely, the aim concerns an attempt to restore the personal reputation of the “victim” politicians and once again to remind the international community in what way the current heads in Kiev appeared on the Ukrainian political olympus.

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The leading researcher of the Russian Institute of Strategic Research Oleg Nemensky told “Izvestia” that no political outcomes will come from the submission of the claim in the International Court of Justice.

“Politics is not managed through a change of view of history. It is possible to argue that the Tsar in some century did something wrong, but nothing can be changed now. It is valid rather as a historical matter, about the protection of honor and dignity,” noted the political scientist.

The President of the Center for System Analysis and Forecasting Rostislav Ishchenko expressed doubt that the Rescue Committee of Ukraine in general should submit a claim to the court. After all, this process won’t open up any prospects in front of former politicians of Ukraine. According to him, “with the same success Nicholas II’s relatives could submit claims to the International Court of Justice”, but it’s hardly something that would help them.

“What do they hope to achieve in the International Court of Justice? That it legalizes the decision of Dorogomilovsky court? For international instances, the Dorogomilovsky court’s decision is not a precedent,” explained Rostislav Ishchenko to “Izvestia”.

Anyway, the Rescue Committee of Ukraine intends to bring the case to the finishing line. For the former heads of the country it is extremely important that the claim about a coup d’etat is given legal justification. Although it is difficult to interpret Maidan somehow differently. In fact, the present Kiev administration came to power on tires and barricades.

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