Clashes and Arrests in Odessa: “Right Sector” Prevent the Laying of Flowers at the Eternal Flame

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In the first half of the day on February 23rd on the Walk of Glory in Odessa radicals – “Right Sector activists” – provoked skirmishes and fights, preventing the inhabitants of Odessa from coming to lay down flowers at the Eternal flame on the Day of the Soviet Army.

At around 11:00 (Moscow time) the provocative message that the Walk of Glory is allegedly mined was received by the police. As a result, the territory was surrounded, and all people who were going to lay down flowers at the memorial were evacuated. At this time, verbal exchanges started between the arrived inhabitants of Odessa and the neo-Nazis who came here.

“Right Sector activists” didn’t hesitate to offend veterans and elderly inhabitants of Odessa, calling them “separatists” and “occupiers”, and the police detained a woman who tried to lay down flowers at the Eternal flame [for “hooliganism” – ed].

According to the latest information, after a while the inhabitants of Odessa were allowed in groups of 10-15 to go to the Eternal flame in order to lay down flowers.

Одесса 23 февраля! Одесситы скандируют “2 мая не забудем не простим!”

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