Clashes Between “National Corpus” Militants and the Police in Cherkassy Resulted in 19 Hospitalisations

After announcing their intention to head to Cherkassy and thwart Poroshenko’s attempt to stage a fake electoral meeting, Ukrainian Nazis from National Corpus did in fact manage to catch up with the incumbent president.

Thus, as a result of the clashes that happened in Cherkassy, 22 police officers were injured by “National Corpus” militants, who were trying to reach Poroshenko. This was reported on the website of the National Police of Ukraine, who published some photos and a video showing the results of the skirmish:

19 policemen were hospitalised, some of them had cuts on their face. The head of the Cherkassy police Valery Lyuty was also wounded.

The police specify that the incident happened on March 9th. About 30 “National Corpus” Nazis wanted to come onto the stage where Poroshenko was speaking. They “provoked ordinary citizens into a fight”, attacked policemen, sprayed gas, burned flares, and tried to block the head of state’s motorcade, reported the National Police.

The department emphasises that the police managed to push the activists aside and “provide the necessary security measures for the president of Ukraine”. After this, criminal proceedings were initiated under two articles of the Criminal Code: Part 2 of Article 345 (Threatening to use, or actually using, violence against a law enforcement officer) and under Part 4 of Article 296 (hooliganism) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

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