CNN Recognised Simferopol as a Part of Russia

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The CNN TV channel unexpectedly recognised Simferopol as a part of Russia. It happened in the course of showing a video skit about how New Year is celebrated on the peninsula.

The TV channel showed to the audience a photo of a fireworks celebration that was held in Simferopol on New Year’s Eve. At the same time the caption on the lower part of the screen informed Americans that the event took place in Simferopol, Russia. Thus, the TV channel almost officially recognised the capital of Crimea, and thus the peninsula, as a part of Russia.

At the same time, CNN is generally traditionally known for its anti-Russian programs. This TV channel is known for its tendentious presentation of information that usually reflects the official point of view of the US authorities. Despite the fact that CNN does not support Donald Trump, it reflects the American position on the majority of questions without distortions.

It should be noted that this is not the first incident of this kind. Something similar happened to even James Mattis, who expressed his condolences to Russia in connection with the tragedy at the Kerch Polytechnic University. Nobody was embarrassed by the fact that otherwise he would have to express something to Ukraine, and not Russia.

Crimea is also rather often presented as a part of Russia on the maps that are published in American newspapers. Thus, a map that depicted Crimea in detail was uploaded to the website of the New York Times a year ago, having designated it as a part of Russia. Ukrainian politicians were extremely dissatisfied with this.

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Nevertheless, the NY Times reacted to quite sluggishly towards the horrible demands that Ukrainian politicians led by Pavel Klimkin made, which is rather unsurprising, since the Ukrainian government has practically no independence.

Many European politicians have been saying that Crimea is a part of Russia for a long time and consistently. In particular, the president of the Czech Republic Miloš Zeman. He repeatedly made it clear that Kiev should reconcile with the fact that the peninsula is lost forever. However, Petro Poroshenko continues to make loud statements about him “dealing with this problem” in a second presidential term.

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