CNN’s Clarissa Ward: “Brave Islamist Factions Stepped in to Fill the Void”

By Ollie Richardson

CNN’s Clarissa Ward, a notorious pro-terrorist mouthpiece, was invited to speak at the United Nations Security Council, and was given the floor for nearly 10 minutes by fellow war criminal Samantha Power. As if this wasn’t shameful enough, the Al Qaeda affiliate “White Helmets” was also given a platform to promote Jihad.

Clarissa Ward
While the video below doesn’t subject the reader to the nauseous disinformation that seeps from the mouth of any representative of the Soros-funded White Helmets, Clarissa Ward’s words are enough to induce an aneurysm to anyone with a basic grasp of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. In her prepared and rehearsed presentation, she painted a scene of innocent civilians being “bombed” and “starved” – bullied into leaving Aleppo:

She relives her experience in 2012, where she was driving into Aleppo, and started to witness shelling. She then went to bed, and heard “planes” overhead at 5am. She says a “barrel bomb” was dropped on a hospital, but it missed and hit a family home. But planes (jets) don’t drop “barrel bombs” – helicopters do. She then talks about her second trip to Aleppo in February 2016, where Russians were bombing “medical facilities”. It’s strange because, according to Washington, Russia can only seem to bomb “hospitals” (White Helmet camps treating injured Al-Nusra terrorists).

She gives the example of Azaz to illustrate the horror forced upon the people. However, she doesn’t mention that Azaz is Turkish proxy/US-vetted “rebel” territory. She says there is no trust from the people in the “Assad regime”, or the Russians, who use “white phosphorus” and “cluster bombs” (no proof whatsoever that either have been used, in fact, the photos that were used by western media were actually “FSA” Grad missiles and Magnesium Incendiary). She then commends the “brave” White Helmets and (yes, this is not a joke) “islamist factions”, which “stepped in to fill the void”. So let’s just think about that for a moment – she is talking about Al Nusra, Ahrar al-Sham, Jaish al-Fath, Jaish al-Islam etc…

“From my experience on the ground – which is considerable – bombing hospitals, court houses, bakeries and fruit markets does not eliminate terrorism. If anything it is the oxygen which terrorists breathe and it spreads like wildfire.” – Clarissa Ward.

She then wraps up by restating her credentials – a war correspondent for 10+ years, visited Iraq, Afghanistan, and Gaza etc. Her final words – “there are no winners in Aleppo”. There are no winners in Manbij either, Clarissa.

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In summary, she promoted genocide and shed crocodile tears, like everyone in and around the White House actually.

Clarissa Ward and Judith Miller are cut from the same cloth – presstitutes to sell wars (Syria and Iraq respectively). Her UNSC testimony is rather similar to the one used to justify the first Gulf War, not because of its content, but because of its completely fraudulent nature. The US got Saddam in the end, just like they got Gaddafi. Will they come back for Assad in a decade’s time? If Russia’s now permanent presence in Syria is anything to go by, it is looking unlikely…

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