Colin Powell Heckled Live on TV: “You Dropped Bombs on Iraq”

By Ollie Richardson

“You know better, as a black man in America you dropped bombs on Iraq”

These are the words that were shouted at Colin Powell during a CBS broadcast on 12th September 2016. The heckler made sure Colin’s resume was made known to live viewers, although security no doubt will have beaten him black and blue before throwing him in the cell next to Bradley/Chelsea Manning.

Mr Powell is one of the key fabricators who, with a straight face, presented to the UN a mock vial of anthrax in an attempt to link Iraq to the 9/11 hijackers. The alleged exchange of anthrax in Prague between Iraqi officials and Mohammed Atta (one of the hijackers) turned out to be totally falsified, but this did not prevent the UN from giving Washington the green light to massacre 1,000,000+ people in Iraq. The US’ case that Saddam had chemical weapons was flimsy at best, so something else was needed. Thus, the legal reason for the war was because Iraq “broke” UN resolution 1441, which said they could not produce Weapons of Mass Destruction. However, other countries have them and have used them, including the US, but the US did not lose the first Gulf War, so the UN resolution only applied to Iraq.


But of course, the US didn’t really need the anthrax, WMD’s, and Judith Miller and the Weekly Standard to peddle cartoons of “mobile weapons labs”, because the decision to invade Iraq and topple Saddam was made long before. Colin could have accused Iraq of dropping an atomic bomb on Japan, and the Security Council would have voted “yes”.

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