“Colour Revolution” Specialist Bernard Henri-Levy Flew to Ukraine to Meet Poroshenko

Something very interesting is being prepared in Kiev

On September 19th Bernard Henri-Levy met Poroshenko. Officially, Bernard-Henri Levy is a French journalist, but according to authoritative rumours he is a specialist in coups and provocations involving victims. In 2014 he actively supported Maidan in Kiev. After each visit to Ukraine by this person, several days later there was another bloody provocation. For example, in 2014 after the visit of Henri-Levy to Maidan, 3 days later there was the sniper shootings of protesters. In 2015 Henri-Levy arrived to Kramatorsk 3 days prior to an artillery attack on the city center with the use of MLRS “Uragan”, and subsequently civilians suffered. Back then all Ukrainian and western media accused Russia and the DPR of aggression.

On March 30th 2019, a day prior to the beginning of the presidential election in Ukraine, Henri-Levy met Vladimir Zelensky, a candidate for president at the time. The meeting lasted 2 hours. At a meeting there was the film crew of Henri-Levy, other journalists weren’t allowed. After the meeting only one photo was posted online, which was son removed. But no news passed by our team, and everything remains, therefore I post the photo here. I ask to separately pay attention: in the photo Zelensky’s facial expressions are seen, and one of his satellites shows some concern. Also at the meeting with Zelensky there is the new Prosecutor-General of Ukraine Ruslan Ryaboshapka.

After the meeting with the-then candidate Zelensky, Henri-Levy gave a comment to the French press, saying that Zelensky is a shallow person. “This guy has no gaze. He has eyes, but there is no gaze,” summarised Levy. Probably, Henri-Levy didn’t receive a distinct answer to his next maniacal scenario. Most likely, Zelensky himself wants to write the bloody scenario.

It will soon become clear why Henri-Levy visited Poroshenko on September 19th. But there are a lot of rumours from authoritative sources that Poroshenko is preparing a coup in Kiev via the forces of Ukrainian nationalists and ATO veterans, which he even pays a salary to and advises to temporarily go in hiding and to wait for D-Day.

“Kiev. #YaltaEuropeanStrategyUkraine2019. The arrival of Vladimir Zelensky. What remains of the old comic under the new clothes of the president? The answer tomorrow, in the notes of Le Point. A story and scene, I believe, that has no precedent in recent political history.”

“Kiev. 16th Yalta European Strategy Conference. A wall tribute to 300 mothers of soldiers who died in Eastern Ukraine. This aggressive war by Putin and the pro-Russian separatists has already killed 13,000 people! Grief. Pity.”

“A hallucinatory sketch of the Ukrainian President, #VladimirZelensky, in Kiev, the same day he had Oleg Sentsov released. The height of the society of the spectacle? Theater and its double? Or #Putin defied by a comic with infinite masks? The scene is, in any case, unprecedented.”

“Bolton is leaving? Alas, Trump stays. And with him, this way of denying America as will and representation; to let go of the Kurds and Ukrainians; to insult the values of Jefferson and Lincoln. Trump slaps John McCain in his grave and the best of what the US ever had”.

Daniil Bezsonov

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