Column of Chaos: ISIS Move Its Caliphate to Europe

By Ollie Richardson

In light of the recent terrorist attacks in Germany and France, there are seemingly more questions being asked than answers being provided. The main concern for the people of Europe is how exactly did these “terrorists” (Nice, Munich, Paris etc.) enter the territory of European Union member-states without being turned back by the State authorities? The lack of real closure to this concern results in what we see in the video below – the Prime Minster being booed for a supposed failure to secure the country’s borders.

And it’s not only the public that has shown its discontent with the performance of the State in the realm of security – here we see a policeman refusing to shake Francois Hollande’s hand after 2 police officers were slain in Paris by “an ISIS militant”.

Returning back to the earlier question of how did these “terrorists” enter the European Union in the first place, the graphic below from is very alarming to say the least.

Jihad map
The infographic above shows the possible structure of the ISIS network in Europe, which, because of the US’ full push to ‘liberate’ Mosul and half push to ‘liberate’ Raqqa, is only becoming more established as each day passes. The main three ‘terrorists’ – Salah Addeslam (alleged mastermind of Paris attacks in November 2015), Abdelhamid Abaaoud (Belgian born associate of Addeslam), Khalid Zerkani (alleged recruiter for Paris attacks) – are all seemingly interconnected via other alleged recruiters and preachers. So how did these ‘terrorists’ enter the EU, since some have, according to the security services of Belgium and France, come from Syria?

Hmm, these hordes of ‘refugees’ from MENA may give us a clue:


Column of chaos in Greece



Rigonce, Slovenia


One must wonder why they are mostly, if not all A) male, and B) healthy? Why aren’t they enrolled in the Syrian Arab Army to defend their country? Are they even Syrian?

It is safe to say Merkel, Hollande, Rajoy, Cameron (who fell victim to the “Assad must go” curse) and friends had absolutely no way of knowing what lurks inside this column of chaos, even with intelligence agencies. What are they going to do – ask every ‘refugee’ if they are a terrorist? Take their fingerprints? Search Twitter for their name? Nope, its much easier to give them residence and benefits – a cheap labour force.

A hypothesis could be ‘Jihadists’ are embedded in these columns of chaos, but in order to not upset the liberal left, logical reasoning would need to be presented…

Exhibit A – Camps on the border

A collection of photographs supposedly from a refugee camp in Latakia near the Turkey-Syria border.



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Looking at these photographs, the visible military style camouflage and assault rifle only raise suspicious as to the nature of these ‘refugees’. It is possible they are just innocent civilians who are fleeing a warzone, but what follows disputes that claim…

Exhibit B – Turkish-backed terrorists

An assortment of Turkmen “rebels” (fighting side by side with Al-Nusra) in Latakia, Syria. This is the same group who shot at and killed the parachuting Russian Pilot Oleg Peshkov. Video of Russia’s retribution for this can be seen here.


Cbcs5iHW4AAsXA2Notice the Tawhid gesture?

Cbcs5k9WIAEaGN0You’d think they could afford better chairs with their salary?

Cbcs5q1XEAEVv2oNice Soviet tank to shell the Kurds with…

CbcvB6MW0AIvjIaHow civilised – they killed a Syrian soldier…

CbcvCJaWwAAxe4ySymbolic Turkmen flag seen in blue

CbcvCGdW0AAGtkhA “moderate” display…


Turkmen flag besides a Salafist flag


CbvaDnUXIAA9oA3What is that at the top of the pole?

Tel Rifat, North Aleppo

Ca3aHySWwAAJ1rROfficial AFP caption: “Syrians fleeing the northern embattled city of Aleppo wait in Bab-Al Salam, northern Syria, near Turkish crossing gate, February 5, 2016.” Looks like they ‘forgot’ to mention the assault rifle on his shoulder…


Caw1FsrW0AABdu-February 6, 2016 – Bab-al Salama frontier post

CavlZb3WAAAhTA2Official AFP caption: “Pushing and shoving while waiting for tents. February 6, 2016.”


Caufa4iW0AE4dyq‘Refugees’ from North Aleppo fleeing the Syrian Army?


CaZXrIIUEAEwe0DThese gentlemen were made a ‘generous’ offer by the Turkmen patrolling the border…


Ca9sRKWWEAAZZK7(Video source)
These ‘civilians’ will ‘go back’ to Aleppo…

The photos of Exhibit B, while only a drop in the ocean, in conjunction with the Russian Ministry of Defence data, show that there are ISIS/Al Nusra-aligned Turkmen in Latakia, and that there are what appear to be militants at a refugee camp’s exit and entrance points.

Exhibit C – Cargo transportation

It isn’t only ‘refugees’ that are permitted to freely cross the border (an AK-47 serves as a passport), but vehicles are too. Whilst the world saw oil tankers crossing the Turkish border into ISIS-held territory, they didn’t see NGO trucks delivering goodies to fellow allies.

Cb0-qWEWAAAvblXTurkish supply truck at Cilvegozu border checkpoint. Destination: Aleppo, around the Azaz pocket…



Turkmen flag, an ode to Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu (Grey Wolf), and a Tawhid gesture



How likely is it that they are delivering food?


The Turkmen are not in Aleppo, so why is the truck going there?


Turkmen video locationVideo location here


Maybe they are delivering important aid to this Al-Nusra camp in Salma province…


CYtbMOSW8AE3aLT-2…such as laxatives (Captagon has known side effects)…


CYoYtlfWAAEYXvs-2…humanitarian aid from Qatar…


CYoYtoRWwAAaSaI-2 …or maybe just delicious Turkish rations…


Cbcf3oTUYAAhbsM…these Turkish Grey Wolves are thankful for the deliveries (note the “FSA” patch)!

Exhibit C illustrates that deliveries can be made in Syria from Turkey, so what’s to say that ‘terrorists’ can’t hide in the truck, or weapons smuggled out of Syria? After all, Sarin Gas was smuggled into Syria…

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Exhibit D – Admission

Of course, with an ocean of ‘refugees’ entering the EU coinciding with a spike in acts of terrorism, European leaders had to bite the bullet and admit that the policy of letting Turkey send its Trojan horses over the border was the cause, although Angela is still adamant her choices were correct.

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 00.41.24

Already in February 2016 there were concerns of further columns of chaos being sent West towards Berlin. “Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said earlier Monday that some 30,000 people were already massed at the Turkish border.” Just bear that statement in mind as we continue…

In the above video Merkel deals a blow to her own leftist idea that there are 100% mixed gender Syrian refugees genuinely fleeing the war. She didn’t, however, simply stop funding terrorism, which is the obvious solution. It also doesn’t help when German media demonises Russia, who are legitimately fighting ISIS, Al-Nusra, “FSA” etc…


Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 01.06.55
It’s not only Merkel who has been forced to call a spade a spade – the Prime Minster of France now has to look in the mirror after Paris became a scene from a blockbuster movie.

“It was confirmed on Thursday that Abdelhamid Abaaoud, a Belgian of Moroccan origin linked to a series of extremist plots in Europe over the past two years, had died in a police raid on an apartment in northern Paris on Wednesday.”


Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 01.22.03
Well, what do you know! Faux Syrians traveling to Europe to conduct acts of terrorism!

“An Algerian couple, suspected of planning a terrorist attack in Berlin and arrested on suspicion of belonging to the Islamic State, entered Germany late last year and applied for asylum as Syrian refugees — part of a pattern of terrorism suspects entering Europe under the guise of fleeing war, the German authorities said Friday.”


Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 01.00.30
The ‘terrorists’ were able to claim and receive help from the state without any checks or stringent vetting. Insult to injury for tax payers…

“At least five terrorists involved in the Paris and Brussels terrorist attacks were receiving welfare benefits from the state, the Wall Street Journal reports, citing local authorities.”

“Belgian financial investigators looking into the terrorist attacks found that Salah Abdeslam, charged with taking part in the Paris assaults, had collected €19,000 ($21,000) in welfare payments, which were stopped just a few weeks before the attacks were carried out in the French capital in November, WSJ reports.”


And then there is Donald Trump. He has already stated the obvious, and highlighted how ludicrous it is to allow anyone who can roughly point in the direction of Europe into countries or blocs.

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It’s a total disaster. The people are going to come in. I talked to you about this two weeks ago, where we talked about the migration, how so many of the people in the migration were strong young men. You look at them. I’m saying, Where are the women? Where are the children? We’re taking in people we have no idea who they are. They have no identification. They have no papers. They’re creating papers. They’re making up papers…So you have people coming in, and I heard as of this morning they’re already missing one or two people. They came in and they’re gone. They’re missing. So I think it’s a way — you know, it could very well be the ultimate Trojan horse. We’re going to have to see. Hopefully not. But thousands are coming in.”  – Trump on Fox News (video above). 

Interview with Yahoo:

“But if they’re here, they have to go back, because we cannot take a chance. You look at the migration, it’s young, strong men. We cannot take a chance that the people coming over here are going to be ISIS-affiliated.” 

“This could be the great Trojan horse of all time. Because you look at the migration, study it, look at it. Now they’ll start infiltrating with women and children. but you look at that migration—and I’m the first one to bring it up—three weeks ago I’m sitting and I’m saying, ‘isn’t that a shame?’ And then I said to myself, ‘Wow. They’re all men.’ You look at it. There are so few women and there are so few children. And not only are they men, they’re young men. And they’re strong as can be—they’re tough looking cookies. I say, what’s going on here?”


  • Columns of chaos travelled from MENA towards the European continent.
  • Shady characters resembling Jihadists frequented alleged ‘refugee’ camps on the Syrian-Turkish border in Latakia.
  • Turkmen ‘rebels’ operate in the same areas as the camps, and are affiliated with ISIS, Al-Nusra, “FSA”, and any group the US funds and arms.
  • Cargo trucks can freely travel from Turkey to Syria as the border isn’t sealed.
  • European Leaders admitted that ‘terrorists’ embedded themselves in the columns of chaos.
  • EU tax payers funded the very people who would attack them – all under the ‘safeguard’ of the State.
  • As ISIS is the weakest entity in Europe, the main way to retain relevance is to export ‘terrorism’ into Europe.

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