Components of Arresting Gear That Caused the Su-33 to Skid Off Kuznetsov Were Made in Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


On 5th September, 2005, due to a breakage of the cables of the arresting gear (the system of “catching” aircraft on an aircraft carrier), a Su-33 dived to a depth of 1100m in the North Atlantic ocean. On 5th December, 2016, when landing on the aircraft-carrying cruiser “Admiral Kuznetsov” a Su-33 also fell off.

The accident came just three weeks after the fall of the MiG-29K from the same aviation group. Speaking about the reasons for the fall of the Su-33, experts are again talking about the problems with arresting gears. Judging by the available information, there was a breakage of the cable of the arresting gear, and the aircraft rolled off the end of the deck of “Admiral Kuznetsov”.

The arresting gear of the aircraft-carrying carrier, which is now on duty in the Mediterranean sea, was created by the enterprise JSC “Proletarsky Zavod”. It is a state-owned enterprise with 100% state participation in producing such devices, developed by Central Research Institute of Marine Engineering. On “Kuznetsov” there is exactly “proletarian” production — it is seen in the materials of the enterprise, to be more precise, from the press release about the delivery of the arresting gear in India:

For reference:

The braking devices produced by the Proletarian plant operate on Ukrainian training grounds for pilots of the heavy-aircraft carrier cruiser “NITKA”, heavy aircraft carrying cruiser of the Russian Navy “Admiral Kuznetsov”. Since 2004, the plant participated in the modernization of the aircraft carrier “Admiral Gorshkov”, and currently with the cruiser “Vikramaditya”, which became part of the Indian Navy.


Life found unambiguous indication that the arresting gear on both “Vikramaditya” and “Kuznetsov” is of imported production – Ukrainian. It follows from the materials of the legal proceedings that were introduced by the supplier of Proletarian plant in order to economise – LLC “Promyshlennye Tekhnologii” (owners — Sergey Sarychev and his son Roman).

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This firm is engaged in the supply of various components and parts (shafts, washers, forgings, blanks, washers, and so on.) for St. Petersburg enterprises of the defense industry. “Promtechnologii” for two years was involved in legal proceedings with customs to have their goods imported not on higher military customs duties, but as civil products.

What exactly was supplied by Ukraine for the aircraft carrier:

1) Stock-piston according to the blueprint 2Н71.01.50.002/ 685С-525 – 3 pieces.
2) Housing according to the blueprint С2Н71.01.53.001/685С-527 – 3 pieces.
3) Left shaft according to the blueprint С2Н71.06.02.011/685С-532 – 3 pieces.
4) Cover according to the blueprint С2Н71.01.03.002/686С-287 – 3 pieces.
5) Housing according to the blueprint С2Н71.06.02.115/686С-288 – 6 pieces.
6) Stand according to the blueprint C2.01.04.014/686С-289 – 3 pieces.
7) Housing according to the blueprint C2.01.04.202/686С-290 – 3 pieces.
8) Housing according to the blueprint C2.01.04.300 SB/686С-291 – 3 pieces.
9) Shaft according to the blueprint C2.01.51.001/685С-533 – 12 pieces.
10) Flange of the bottom cover according to the drawing С2Н71.03.20.001/685С-531 – 12 pieces.
11) Cylinder according to the blueprint С2Н71.01.50.001/685С-526 – 3 pieces.

Custom insisted that once the product goes for the aircraft carriers, it means it is necessary to declare it suitably and apply 10% duty (and not 0).

In the course of proceedings it was recorded that “the manufacture and supply of goods was carried out by the closed joint stock company “Novokramatorsky machine building plant” (JSC “NKMZ”), Kramatorsk, Donetsk oblast, 5 Ordzhonikidze Street, Ukraine, on the basis of contract No. 21/22-09 dated 26.08.2009, and concluded between the applicant (“LLC Promyshlennye Tekhnologii”) and JSC “NKMZ” in the version of the additional agreement No. 29 dated 30.08.2012 to the contract No. 21/22-09 dated 26.08.09 and the additional agreement No. 31 dated 21.11.2012″.

Kramatorsk is under the control of the Ukrainian authorities.

In summary, partners helped “Promtechnologii”. Having received in its favor expert opinion from the Central Research Institute of Shipbuilding Technology and the Ministry of Defense (about the fact that these details  by themselves are rather civil, and the military field of application is not primary), the firm won against customs and saved a couple of million rubles.

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As a reminder, on 05.12.16, when landing on the aircraft-carrying cruiser “Admiral Kuznetsov” a Su-33 fell off, and the pilot ejected and was picked up by a search and rescue team. It happened less than three weeks after the fall of the MiG-29K from the same group.

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