Conclusions From the Round Table in Kiev “Political and Civil Rights and Freedoms in Ukraine”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard

21/06/2018 1/2/3/4

The Ukrainian government, which turned the country into a raw material colony of the West, needs primitive Nazism in order to maintain its viability.

This was stated during a round table in Kiev by the lawyer Andrey Gozhy, who defends the arrested journalist Vasily Muravitsky.

“It looks like in a European country in the 21st century, in the fields of which millions of people died during the World War II, the issue of Nazism again becomes very prominent. Why did this happen? There is an economic basis and there is a political tuning,” said the lawyer.

“The country Ukraine banally turned into a raw materials colony with external governance – this is our economic base. What is most interesting is that we export the same goods that we did in the 10th century, the only thing that was added is human organs.

If the country is a raw materials colony, then this regime can’t not give birth to Nazism, because the authoritarian regime needs an enemy, a mission.

The mission is to ‘defend Europe against Putin’. I.e., how should Poroshenko, Turchynov, and others explain why they are needed by Ukraine if they destroyed it?

In addition, the power is illegitimate even at this very moment, because it was usurped, there is no coalition, and it means that the entire further structure of power – from the government to the Prosecutor’s Office – is illegitimate.

That’s why the functions of Nazis is war propaganda and ideology – why we should die.

Why is Poroshenko’s son in London, Avakov’s son in Italy, and the people on both sides of the frontline die? ‘Because we are a great nation, we bring light to Europe and defend it against Mordor’.

Further – it is terror and dirty work, but here it is clear why the Nazis are needed.

So then the Nazis create a contrast. The Nazis say: ‘you don’t wear embroidery – then you should be shot; for the Russian language – jailed for ten years,’ and the government says: ‘you see, and we will only introduce language quotas for you’.

Then the Nazis are needed as a way of controlling an extremist contingent. Every society has a certain percentage of half-crazies, deviants, and others. It is better to collect them into one heap, give them camouflaged uniforms, arm and control them, and redirect their anger.

Next – raising the approval rating of the authorities via contraposition. They divide Ukraine in half, mobilise the electorate, vote, and win. They eliminate Crimea and Donbass from the elections. It’s impossible to install ballot boxes in Donbass, but the authorities must create a heavy mechanism of voting. It simply throws away these people, throwing them outside of the legal field.

Further – a web of campaigning and juvenile maximalism. Why would the authorities hire election campaigners if there’s a bunch of fools who can run for free using pack instinct.

And the 7th point: in the 90’s criminality, which was then represented by extortion, was transformed. If back then there was a need to pay for ‘protection’, well now people come to our businessmen and say: ‘Give money to the ATO, otherwise you’ll become a separatist,” said Gozhy.

“How to change this? History knows only two ways: elections and a bloody revolution. It is better to start with elections,” he added.

“Well, the legal way is better,” said the moderator of the meeting.

“A revolution is also legal. After all, you won’t tell me that in Ukraine in 2014 there was some bloody coup? A legal revolution,” retorted Andrey Gozhny ironically.

During the round table the former political prisoner Dmitry Vasilets said that today instead of protecting citizens, the SBU is engaged in repression on Petro Poroshenko’s order, throwing public figures who the regime finds objectionable in prison.

“We now face such a situation where the Security Service of Ukraine, which should protect us, doesn’t in fact do this. It, in fact, has turned into a repressive machine of the president, which on his order carries out these or those tasks.

Moreover, it isn’t engaged in capturing real terrorists. It is simpler to come to a blogger who doesn’t hide anywhere, or to the journalist who doesn’t flee from anybody, and say: ‘Let us put you in prison, and then we will understand further. After all, we need to show how we fight against Putin, how ‘hybrid war’ is happening in Ukraine. After all, we should have some prisoners, some enemies who we have to show to society during this war’.

And such enemies are being found, first of all, among those who criticise the current authorities, and, of course, by a surprising coincidence,” said Vasilets.

The Ukrainian journalist and the former political prisoner Ruslan Kotsaba stated that Ukraine is governed by criminals, whose main aim is personal enrichment at the expense of the people. Any person who decided to head the resistance to the current regime is immediately subjected to repression.

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“Power in the State was seized by cynical bandits for who nothing is sacred. If there is a need they can say quite adequate things, but at the same time we understand that the main motive behind why they came to power, allegedly leaving their millions and billions for ‘blind trusts’, is to rob us – ordinary Ukrainians,” he said.

According to Kotsaba, now in Ukraine there is no real people’s leader capable of uniting sane political forces around themselves.

“There is no charismatic leader who could unite all adequate persons around themselves. In the condition that the rights and freedoms of citizens is in today, if we state our names and just raise a hand, then they will come, forcefully put your hands behind your back, and you will sit in jail under some fake charges – you will be the enemy of the people, the agent of the Kremlin, Putin’s helper, and so on,” summarised Ruslan Kotsaba.

During the roundtable in Kiev the lawyer Valentin Rybin said that violence is the only thing that helps the regime of Petro Poroshenko survive, and he is going to stay in power with its help.

“I want to speak about radical organisations. We all know who lives in Kiev. By driving along its central streets we see how the facade of the house of trade unions burned in February 2014 was recently opened. A year ago, on the facade of this building there was a large billboard with a broken chain and the inscription: ‘Freedom is our religion’. Back then I passed by it with my father, and it occurred to me that the word ‘freedom’ should be changed for the word ‘violence’. It is precisely violence that is the religion of the current government. It should be absolutely clearly and intelligibly understood.

The events of November 2013-February 2014 were the outpouring of this violence, which emanated from those who are now in power. And now a question: do you think that as a result of the elections it will be possible to replace the government? Hitler also came to power as a result of elections, but he said goodbye to power in another way,” said lawyer.

He is sure that now there is a high probability that the 2019 elections will not take place.

“They simply will not be announced. The government does not intend to surrender and does not intend to cede place. It is precisely the seed of violence that keeps these authorities on top. Spreading violence, promoting violence, frightening people who are tired of violence – the authorities still can hold on,” he said.

“Right-wing radical organisations, in fact, are the albatross of the revolution of ‘dignity’ that took place in 2014. This is the vanguard of the revolution, the violence of which was brought to the masses, which showed people how they can and should act, how they can and should kill, burn, and seize buildings,” said Rybin.

The lawyer didn’t forget to mention the humiliating arrest of Brazilian volunteer Rafael Lusvarghi by the militant group C14 on May 4th, 2018.

“On May 4th, 2018 everyone saw how the citizen of Brazil Rafael Lusvarghi was pulled out from the Brazilian Embassy. Back then all the news channels talked about a terrorist-separatist being detained and taken to the SBU, and none of the journalists who are now actively working with the government didn’t bother to ask the question: ‘why in the center of a European capital is it ordinary citizens, and not representatives of the government, who frogmarched a man holding his hands behind his back, then search through his personal belongings, humiliate him, and assault him in broad daylight?’ After this, law enforcement officers come to them, take this person, and that’s all.

All of us are witnesses to the sterilisation of law enforcement bodies, who were deprived of the monopoly on violence, and who made it clear that violence as a way of coercion will be used only when they are given a clear signal. We have seen how the special unit ‘Berkut’ was disbanded, how law enforcement bodies were cleansed, and how law enforcement officers who served faithfully were fired from the police,” stressed the lawyer.

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