Confession of a ATO Soldier: “We Were Killing Moskals Without a Drop of Pity”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Ukrainian servicemen were pouring diesel fuel on the bodies of dead Donbass militiamen, described Daniil Motylev, who was at war in Donbass as a part of a number of the Ukrainian units, to the “Kraina” magazine.

He reported that in 2011 he illegally arrived in France where he was helping his Polish acquaintance to “steal from a supermarket”.

“He was pocketing expensive products for his comrade — the owner of a restaurant in Nice,” stated the interlocutor of the newspaper, sharing the criminal details of the trip to Europe.

According to him, having earned money, he went to enlist in the Foreign legion, there he took place in selection and stayed there for several months, after which he returned to Ukraine where during Maidan he became an active participant in mass riots.

In May, 2014, he joined “Right Sector” and went to fight in the East. Having later found himself in “Aidar”, he took part in battles for the settlement of Khryaschuvate near Lugansk.

“We repulsed the attack. Six killed separatists were lying in the valley,” remembers Motylev. “Russian tank. We had no desire to bury these degenerates. Later, every day we were pouring diesel fuel on their bodies in order to not catch distemper. Hatred developed some cynical immunity. We killed Moskals without a drop of pity. And a dog who died on our position from shrapnel was brought under gunfire for burial in the suburb of the city, with tears in the eyes”.

Also he says that after demobilization, he did not manage to “settle in peaceful life”.

“I roamed the streets, I was sinking my melancholy in alcohol. And at some point I was bored of drinking. Instantly. In the spring of 2016 I returned to the front with Right Sector,” reported the fighter.

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