Confession of a Captured German Soldier: We Killed, And Our Propagandists Filmed It And Pinned the Blame on the Russians

In today’s era of so-called “fake news” and deplorable standards of journalism, where one can cite “anonymous sources” and disseminate totally false information at will without facing any consequences, it is important to remember that this trend in the West didn’t just appear in the last decade. Indeed, it has a precedent and remains “in the family”. If in 2014 America accused Russia of “invading” Ukraine without presenting any proof whatsoever, then in 1943 Nazi Germany – one of the many bastard children spawned by these same Anglo-Saxons – had no problem with accusing the USSR of committing the very crimes it itself had committed.

The following text, from the “Messages Of The Soviet Information Bureau. January-June 1943”, which is stored in the Russian Presidential Library, serves as a poignant example of how low such anti-Russia falsehoods can stoop.

“The captured Obergefreiter of the 14th anti-tank company of the 328th grenadier regiment of the 227th German Infantry Division Erich Pfalzgraf addressed the Soviet military authorities with the following statement:

‘During my service in the German army I visited Holland, Belgium, France, and Russia. I saw how the German soldiers plundered the civilian population and killed civilians. The German officers treated the population brutally and savagely everywhere.

Before the campaign to Russia soldiers were told that they should not spare any of the civilian population, regardless of their gender and age. Officers said: ‘The more ruthless you act, the sooner the Russians will crawl at our feet’.

Already immediately after the invasion it was possible to see terrific scenes. Soldiers set fire to whole villages. The inhabitants running in panic were shot from machine guns, without taking into account at all that among them there were women and children. Murdering civilians was called ‘cleaning up’ and cleansing’ the area of operations.

One SS battalion that received the task of cleaning the vicinity of Kiev shot several tens of thousands of people, including many women and children. Even seasoned SS-men felt bad, and some of them were not able to continue the massacre. Then officers, in order to finish the destruction of a huge mass of people, ordered to herd everyone into mined ditches and blow them up.

Propaganda companies photographed these heaps of corpses, they filmed them and made movies. Then all the movie theaters of Germany and the countries of Europe occupied by it showed these movies for a long time and advertised it as ‘the atrocities of Russians’.

Photos of corpses were published in all German newspapers, and these murders were represented as the atrocities of Soviet troops. Here we, soldiers, knew that German propaganda was deceiving millions of people, attributing to Russians the wild crimes and atrocities committed by the German troops on Russian territory’.”

On July 17th 1944, 57,000 German PoW officers and soldiers were taken along the streets of Moscow in a column. 19 generals at the head of the column led their defeated army. They passed through Moscow, which they had hoped to enter as the winners, past the people who were supposed to be destroyed.

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