Confession of a “Former” Ukrainian Nationalist: The Ukrainian Army Committed War Crimes in Donbass

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The public figure, chairman of “Novy Ogon”, and “former” nationalist Dmitry Reznichenko was a guest of the “Interview” program on the “CHP.INFO” TV channel .

Quotes from his interview:

“The Ukrainian military committed crimes in the ATO zone – they shot peaceful civilians, they plundered… I did not see myself, but I heard about it, rumours spread.”

“I had enough of playing around as a nationalist. Now I am a liberal and I even defend LGBT.”

“Nationalist movements are a threat!”

“Many nationalist movements work for the SBU.”

“Every nationalist accepts Nazi ideas in their soul. And I accepted them too, but I publicly denied it.”

“Many nationalist movements are are sectarian structures. It is almost impossible to leave them without a scandal.”

“People of absolutely different beliefs were the vanguard of the Revolution of Dignity, not nationalists.”

“Nationalists should finally understand that people do not like aggressive morons.”

“The Dmitry Reznichenko that is aggressive and radical remained in Ilovaisk. And it was back then that my ideological transformation began.”

“I returned from war to my nationalist/Nazi friends, but I was already different. During some time I continued to play my old role.”

“In Ilovaisk, when there was already encirclement, when we got into trouble, I wanted to get up and leave this ‘game’. But this wasn’t a game, and it was not impossible to leave it.”

“I will never forgive myself for leaving war. After all, the guys remained there, some forever, but I went.”

“Among my fellow soldiers there were anarchists, liberals, ultra-leftists, gays, and many, many others…”

“We need to return the territories of Donbass, and then the souls of these people will come back too.”

This interview shows that there isn’t a big difference between Nazism and liberalism.

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