Consequences of Maidan: Oleg Tsarev on the Lack of Heating in Kiev Due to Debts

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Due to accumulated debts, more than 4,700 office buildings and objects of the social sphere, and also nearly 7% of houses in Kiev aren’t connected to heating, reports Kievenergo.

It is noted that, despite the onset of cold weather, 7% of inhabited apartment buildings and 6% of departmental housing were left without heating, stated RIA Novosti.

From the 4,790 office buildings and objects of the social sphere in Kiev, 23 (0.5%) receive heat.

As of the beginning of November, only 9 secondary schools from 203 (4.4%) were connected to heating.

Difficulties with providing heat to buildings is related to big debts for heat and a lack of preparation for the heating season, noted the company.

As a reminder, at the end of October it was reported that the city of Slavutych in the Kiev region, built after the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in 1986 for the resettlement of people living in Pripyat and Chernobyl, found itself on the threshold of municipal collapse because of an impossibility to begin the heating season.

At the beginning of October it became known that the city council of Odessa decided to completely refuse the provision of services for a centralized hot water supply.

According to the forecast of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, in 2018 in Ukraine tariffs for natural gas, hot water, and heating, as well as electricity will increase on average by 19-20%. Earlier, Ukrainian media noted that the current heating season for many residents of Ukraine can become the most expensive of all time.

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Comment of Oleg Tsarev:

I read that in Kiev, due to the failure of payment, houses and municipal buildings will be disconnected from the heat. I remember how during Maidan we couldn’t cut off the office buildings occupied by protesters from the electricity and water supply. It we had been successful, then the protesters would have lost their base. There was cold weather. Without heat, electricity, water, and a toilet you won’t last long on the street. Unfortunately, we didn’t succeed. The orders for cutting off the enterprises belonging to my party co-member Renat Akhmetov weren’t carried out. When we cut off valves and knife switches by our own efforts, the management of his enterprises urgently sent a repair crew – heating, electricity, and water started to work again. In order to put pressure on Akhmetov’s employees, I made a deputy’s request to law enforcement bodies, saying that a criminal offense is being committed by the power supplying company. The essence of the crime – the violation of budgetary discipline, that budgetary funds (payment to energy carriers) are not being spent in the right direction. Nothing helped.

Also we weren’t able to close the metro station from which citizens came directly to Maidan. The mayor of Kiev, also a fellow party member appointed by Yanukovych shortly before these ill-fated events, also blocked our initiatives. However, maybe it is precisely for this reason that he is now in Kiev, and everything is good for him, and I had to leave. Unfortunately, I can count on my fingers those who back then fulfilled their duty and didn’t betray their country.

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It is said that history repeats itself twice: the first time – as a tragedy, the second — as a farce. On Maidan it was a tragedy. Now we observe a farce. Because of the accumulated debts (read – because of Maidan’s consequences) more than 4,700 office buildings and objects of the social sphere, as well as nearly 7% of houses in Kiev aren’t connected to heating, reports Kievenergo.

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