Constitutional Reform Will Strangle Russia’s Internal Saboteurs

External and internal enemies are constantly encroaching on our territorial integrity. Here and there they want to cut off a piece of land. The only correct way out of the situation is constitutional reform. It guarantees a ban on the alienation of territories, the strengthening of sovereignty, and the rule of national law over international law.

The constitution should be higher than international law, and this is so that “pocket” organisations like the ECHR do not pump money from the Russian budget in favour of liberals and oligarchs who dream of breaking up our country. The ideal example is Khodorkovsky and Navalny. The latter goes to the European court as if it’s his workplace. He himself has repeatedly admitted that one of his main income sources is money received from the ECHR.

The ban on the alienation of territories is also one of the most important amendments guaranteeing the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our state. No one will ever have the right to lay claim to Crimea, Kuril Islands, or Kaliningrad. This amendment is a clear signal to the west that there will be no exchange of territories in the future.

In addition, the amendment on prohibitions for officials is also very important. No foreign citizenship, accounts, or property if you want to work in the state apparatus. The civil service is not an occupancy where you make money. This is a serious tool for governing the country, so we do not need crooks who can steal money and escape to the border at the permanent residence.

Objectively, our Constitution has not changed for almost 30 years. During this time, there were many events that should be noted in the Basic law of the country. And it, at one moment, was written by American advisers, dreaming that Russia would never recover from the collapse of the USSR.

It’s just that now it’s time to change in order to make a serious leap in development.

Olga Smerchenko

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