“Convoy of Freedom” in Prague: The American Liberation That Never Happened

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The user of Facebook Georgy Zotov from Moscow published curious information on his page. It appears that some inhabitants of the Czech Republic consider that in May, 1945, they were liberated by Americans! Don’t Czechs know their history? It is unlikely. It seems that they are just ashamed that they were liberated from fascists, especially by Russians, that apparently all these Italians and other Greeks were liberated by highly civilized countries, and not by some barbarians. Of course, not all in the Czech Republic hold such an opinion, however it is necessary to be a absolutely washed-up russophobe to so grossly falsify historical events.

“Now in Prague the action ‘Convoy of Freedom’ is taking place, a car rally in honor of the anniversary of the liberation of West Czechoslovakia from the occupational troops of Nazi Germany, including the city of Plzeň.

Frankly speaking, the photos of Americans in Prague (and their joyful greeting by the local population) cause strange thoughts, because on May 9th, 1945, some other troops entered the capital of Czechoslovakia, having prevented the destruction of the city, and having accepted the capitulation of the troops of the Wehrmacht and SS. And despite the fact that in Prague there are also actions of the “Immortal Regiment” and others – car rallies in Soviet cars and in Soviet uniforms somehow don’t take place – so of course, it’s not going to take place where there weren’t any Soviet soldiers (like how there weren’t any Americans in Prague – well, as an example, imagine a car rally in the form of the USSR in Normandy). Yes, that’s why I wasn’t surprised when in Majdanek‘s (Poland) museum children on a school excursion told me that the concentration camp was liberated by Americans. One girl from the whole school, however, appeared to be ‘cleverer’, and said – No, British.

I think it is necessary to not stop at this. It is necessary to organize a car rally in honor of the defeat by US army of the troops of Paulus in Stalingrad, repulsion by American marines of the Wehrmacht offensive on Moscow, and, certainly, the most fabulous – the storming of Berlin by divisions of the United States, and the emergence of the star-spangled banner over the Reichstag with the help of Private Ramirez and Sergeant Smith so that this completely corresponds to historical truth”.

And here is how the liberation of Prague really happened:

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