Does Such a Country Have a Right to Exist?

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Sergey Veselovsky

In this video, which it is possible to call simply and without any contrivance “HE GAVE HIMSELF UP”, a group of Odessan neo-Nazis scoff at an inhabitant of Odessa.

The cruelly beaten, but keeping human dignity Person in a Red Army uniform is called Evgeny Derbarmdiker (so he is called in the letter from California).

He restored a 1942 Willis, in which he previously quietly came [from Odessa – ed] and brought other people.

He even came to a Russian festival in California about 10 years ago. And no b*stard asked him “Whose is Crimea?” and “Who is Ukraine at war with?”. Because last time Ukraine fought as a part of the Soviet Union against Hitler’s Germany, and, what is characteristic, won in May, 1945.

The American friends who sent me this video worry about the fate of Evgeny, who disappeared from social networks exactly after this May’s events, and ask if he needs some help from them.

What can be expected from Americans… They are still sure that in Ukraine democracy and freedom won; that people dumped tyranny and that the “entire world is with them”. In the US the average citizen doesn’t know at all that fascists march with absolutely impunity on the streets of the hero City of Odessa; that the local schutzmannschaft police half consist of these same “revolutionaries of dignity” who, on the second of May, 2014, burnt and finished off the inhabitants of Odessa who survived the man-made fire on Kulikovo Field.

I watch this video and I wonder: “Does such a country have a right to exist? Is it possible to tolerate Nazi rabble continuing to march on the streets of our cities?”

Probably my post violates a heap of Facebook community norms and rules. And obligatorily several hundred complaints from nonexistent-in-nature fascists will rush to its administration. But I very much want to find myself as soon as possible in Odessa, and to have a talk eye to eye with these “heroes” before pulling the trigger.

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