Cows in the Rovno Region of Ukraine Are Producing Radioactive Milk

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Cows in the Rovno region give milk with a radiation level that exceeds the permitted level because they graze in a radioactive forest…

In 10 villages of the Rovno region cows are producing radioactive milk. Thus, the Chernobyl catastrophe that took place 32 years ago is still having an effect.

Ukrainian scientists know how to fight against radioactive milk, but the villagers don’t follow the advice of radiologists, reports “Glavnovosti” with reference to “112 Ukraine “.

Farmers learnt from local radiologists exploring the area of the Chernobyl catastrophe that cows start to give milk with an high level of caesium. The radioactive milk doesn’t go on sale.

Radiological control takes place at least once per year in the village of Drozdyn. From the 2,000 residents of the village, nearly a half are children.

It is one of ten villages of the Rovno region where radiation contamination in food – in mushrooms, berries, and milk – is still being detected.

Local cows graze on swamps and forests where there is grass with radionuclides.

“Cows graze on natural grounds where no anti-radiation measures have been carried out since the catastrophe happened. If cattle graze on artificial grass, then there will be no radionuclides,” said the head of the Center for radiological control of the agricultural-industrial complex of the Rovno region Vasily Zil

To reduce the effect of radiation, farmers add to the forage grass from land that is less infected with radiation.

The local government knows about the existence of radioactive milk, but it cannot provide land that makes it possible to grow clean feed for cattle. They say that currently there is no free land.

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