“Crackdowns” & “Detentions” in Vitebsk

Good morning! I continue to keep you up to date with what is happening in a particular city in Belarus, however, the situation is not much different in other cities, so you can form an opinion about the picture as a whole. The night before last, I decided to drive through the central square to see the situation. I observed a group of 8-10 people under the age of 20 with white-red-white symbols. The young people were photographed for their revolutionary social media posts, the police ignored this clear threat to the state system [sarcasm – ed].

Today I will share with you the news from the local media. Reading it, I could not help but notice the low professional level of journalists – nothing is happening, but there is a need to write. Therefore, two popular techniques are used – inventing things and inflating a condom into a blimp. Since the inventions have already been thoroughly exhausted, and weak lungs can not cope with rubber products #2, the news is so-so. Judge for yourself:

In Vitebsk, the police dispersed a peaceful protest of doctors and citizens

In Vitebsk on August 27th, about 30 medical workers went to a peaceful protest against the election results. Medics stood along Fighter Internationalists Street, not far from the regional clinical hospital. Half an hour later, the police arrived and asked everyone to disperse.

Doctors in white coats did not shout slogans, only clapped their hands and held placards: ‘No violence!’, ‘We are not the opposition, we are the majority’.”

So, 30 people gathered to say that they are the majority, which in itself is puzzling. The second reason for perplexity appears when you realise that the place of their gathering is located on the actual outskirts of the city. There is nothing further, just partisans and beavers in the forest. It seems to me that if you want to be heard, you need to look for places with a more dense content of gapers, hiccups and sneezes. Below is a video of the “dogs of the regime” violently dispersing those who gathered.

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In the second news, everything is just as beautiful as the people with kind faces who carry it to the social masses:

In Vitebsk, activists collected signatures for the dismissal of deputies. One person was detained.

If someone doesn’t know, there is a new trend in the Republic of Belarus – they started putting pressure on deputies in order to put pressure on the President. The cycle of pressure in nature, in short. However, let’s read the news, and then I’ll tell you what’s nice about it:

“In Vitebsk, in the last few days, volunteers have been collecting the signatures of citizens to hold meetings on the dismissal of members of parliament. On Saturday, August 29th, the signature collectors came to the Holy Dormition Cathedral. Citizens signed secretly from the police, trying not to attract attention. However, not without a detention – several security forces took volunteer Elena Kustova away from the Cathedral square.

Vitebsk residents are collecting signatures under the application to the head of the City Council Vladimir Belevich for holding voter meetings in order to dismiss deputies from all four districts in the regional centre. These are former mayor Viktor Nikolaikin, ex-rector of Vitebsk State University Aleksey Egorov, former director of the department store Svetlana Gorval, and former director of school No. 45 Tatiyana Autukhova.

The entire territory near the main Vitebsk Orthodox Church, as well as the nearest Pushkin and Tolstoy streets, where the collectors went, was heavily patrolled by the police on Saturday afternoon.

Near the stairs leading to the Cathedral, there was a bus with security forces inside.

The police monitored the situation on Pushkin and Tolstoy streets, and on the square near the Dormition Cathedral

At the beginning of 3pm, a small group of people gathered on benches near the Dormition Cathedral. The townspeople saw that the collectors were sitting here, and approached them.

Citizens tried to defend Elena, but it did not work.

Outraged citizens shouted at the police: ‘Are you sure you are the police, and not the Gestapo?’, ‘What, it’s 1937 again?’, ‘One woman is being detained by a whole mob, aren’t you ashamed?!’.

Another collector, a guy, managed to escape.

Later, Elena Kustova was released from the police department — with a warning that for participating in unauthorised events she can get a fine or administrative arrest.”

As I said, everything is great in this news! Just think – trying not to attract attention to themselves, the collectors move to the very centre of the city – it doesn’t get more central than this. Under the cover of a bright day, located 200 meters from the police station, hiding their kind faces, the collectors began their hard work.

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The photo shows security forces moving away from the place of the action, and the bus with security forces did not get into the frame for some reason. It is obvious that the collection of signatures is another action of either idiots or PR people – the idiocy is that it is technically impossible to hold meetings of voters in a city with a population of 350K+, but it is easier to organise PR via the image of a detention on Saturday in the most tourist place of the city, where all the weddings happen. Judging by the face of the activist at the time of detention, she is happy with what is happening and this is exactly what she wanted.

The childish naivety of Belarusians who read such news on their websites is simply amazing. Judging by the photo below, it was not possible to collect at least a significant number of signatures:

I will definitely follow the news and share the most interesting pieces with you. By the way, all the local media paid attention to the sharp collapse of the Belarusian ruble, the situation became so hot that a dozen major banks, fearing an even greater fall, suspended issuing loans in the national currency. But no light-eyed publication wrote that this situation was created by protestors and mutineers.


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