Creeping Retreat: DPR Capture Strategic Position Near Avdeevka After UAF Abandonment

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Fighters of the Armed forces of the DPR occupied a position abandoned by the personnel of the UAF near the settlement of Vasilyevka. The settlement has a strategic importance as it provides a viewing point of Avdeevka — a city, the largest in this district, that is under the control of the UAF.

The advance of the military of the DPR in this district is a great success as Vasilyevka is located near the strategically important “Donetsk-Gorlovka” road. The Ukrainian command dreamed of cutting this artery, vital for the Republic, long ago, but now these plans are further away from fulfilment. With the liberation by fighters of the DPR of new frontiers, movement on the road of individual transport, buses, and lorries will become safer.

It is possible to note that the Ukrainian “creeping offensive” tactics turned into the final collapse and turned into a “creeping retreat”. Having been unable to hold numerous positions (and ones that are not always convenient for them), the Ukrainian soldiers abandon them, and then they pass under the control of the DPR.

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