“A Crime Against Their Own Land”: Footage of the Consequences of Deforestation in the Carpathians

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Ruslana Lyzhychko (one of the leading figures of Euromaidan)

Watch this footage of the destruction of the Carpathians! It is shocking! Do not cease to fight for the perseveration of the primeval Carpathian Forest! This footage was made by our team in Skole Beskids and on the territory of the Putyla forestry in the zone of the projected expansion of the National Park.

This is definitely not a hurricane! This is a horror and a crime against their own land! I again appeal to the General Prosecutor’s office of (the Prosecutor-General of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko), to the State Forest Resources Agency of Ukraine (first deputy head Kristina Yushkevych, Deputy Chairman Volodymyr Bondar). Give the conservation area to the National Parks! Fundamental changes still haven’t happened!

I have done ethnic expeditions in the Carpathians for 15 years, gathering invaluable musical elements of the unique culture of the mountains, which I use in my music and popularize the stage in shows around the world – from China to Brazil. The destruction of ecology, primeval forests, rivers, valleys, the decay of opportunities and potential of the mountains of Ukraine hurts the eye already not for the first year. In order to preserve the original inimitable exotic Carpathians it is necessary to preserve the environment, without which the ancient culture will disappear forever. If anyone does not understand this and continues to destroy the region of healing, I will fight against these people and structures unless we stop this barbarism.

Can it really be said that Ruslana Lyzhychko, who actively supported the West’s coup in Ukraine in 2014, is unaware that the reason that the Carpathian forests are evaporating into thin air is because of the IMF’s demand to chop down the lungs of Ukraine in order to prop up the rotting corpse that is the European Union? After all, here she is in 2014 in the company of Yatsenyuk, Tyagnibok, Poroshenko, Lutsenko et al:

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And here she is in 2004 with Yushchenko and the Klitschko brothers:

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