Crimean Deputy Yury Gempel: The Ukrainian Government Treated Crimea Like a Stepchild

On the Independence Day of Ukraine, August 24th, Vladimir Zelensky, giving a solemn speech, compared Crimea and Donbass to children who were taken from their parents. The Head of the Committee of the State Council of Crimea on Inter-Ethnic Relations Yury Gempel told RIA Novosti that the government in Kiev, during the years that Crimea was a part of Ukraine, always treated the peninsula like a stepchild, showing disrespect and neglect.

“The Ukrainian government treated Crimea like a stepchild. For more than 20 years Crimea was despoiled, robbed, and deprived in all ways, and the rights of the Russian-speaking population living on the peninsula were violated, the full realisation of their linguistic and cultural needs were impeded, which demonstrated a disrespect and disregard for Crimean citizens. I believe that back then it was a period of Ukrainian occupation,” said Yury Gempel, commenting on Zelensky’s statement.

The Crimean deputy recalled that after the return of Crimea to Russia, the inhabitants of the peninsula felt at home.

After the reunification of Crimea with Russia, we felt at home, at our Motherland. And most importantly, our native Russian language returned – the language of international communication. Zelensky, instead of thinking about the welfare of Ukrainians, continues to play on low tones of hostility.

RIA Novosti Crimea

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