Crimean Tatars in Kiev: Useful Idiots for Poroshenko

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Stalker Zone note:

It should be taken into consideration when reading this article that the NGO “Crimean Tatar Resource Center” does not represent the opinion of the Tatar people living in Crimea today whatsoever. In fact, such “Tatars” like the Mejlis are in reality no different from the “White Helmets” in Syria – they are both the result of heavy injections of funds from western countries designed to present an alternative reality where “evil Putin” massacred all the local residents and forced ethnic minorities to flee, and those who were not able to escape will spend the rest of their lives in some dungeon. Neither the UN nor the mass of “human rights” organisations have been able to obtain any concrete proof in response to the laughable accusations made by Kiev. In addition, unlike the UN, which hasn’t even visited the peninsula to see with their own eyes the “horror” that is going on (they cite Kiev’s fabricated reports), the Federation of Crimean Tatar Communities of TurkeyKyyrym Birligi, and Europeans who are just curious in general have personally visited Crimea on more than one occasion, and can attest to what is the truth and what is a banal propaganda. 

In the Ukrainian capital a very strange event organised by the “Crimean Tatar Resource Center” took place. Its leadership presented the brochure “Prisoners of the Kremlin”, and also announced the international forum “Occupied Peninsula” and the imminent annexation of Crimea by Ukraine. The participants of the action had a mournful and offended look, while pronouncing phrases that clearly said – these people live in some other, parallel reality. The Kiev journalists at the meeting willingly assented to them, but in the lobby they didn’t hide their concern about what to do – there is a need to deal with such “aliens”. The correspondent of the Federal News Agency (FAN) watched this event with curiosity.

As is known, many Ukrainian media agencies and experts are today compelled to live in a “parallel reality”: where white is called black, a defeat – a feat, civil war – an anti-terrorist operation, etc. But even they, sometimes, can’t tie up the loose ends. As the Crimean Tatar event showed, figures of the Crimean Tatar Resource Center, concerning an objective perception of reality, are more determined than any desperate Ukrainian national patriot.

In the presidium of the meeting there were two pretty girls – the first deputy head of the Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine Emine Dzhaparova and the deputy chairman of the “Center for Civil Liberties” Aleksandra Romantsova. The head of the Crimean Tatar Resource Center Eskender Bariyev kept them company. All three said horrible things. For example, that Russia illegally arrested and keeps in prison a whole 64 innocent fighters for freedom, who were collectively condemned to 184 years of prison. Or that Russia daily, almost hourly, carries out repression and arrests on the peninsula, keeping the local population in fear.

“Now Russia continues to furiously pressure the indigenous people. Since 2014 we’ve constantly learnt about persecution, intimidation, the disappearance of persons who are inconvenient for the occupational power,” said Eskender Bariyev severely. “Among the political prisoners of the Kremlin are 42 Crimean Tatars, but there are also ethnic Ukrainians. We will recall at least Aleksandr Kolchenko, who is condemned in Russia to 10 years of imprisonment in a maximum security penal colony. Or Oleg Sentsov who was sentenced to 20 years,” Bariyev stated.

The correspondent of the FAN immediately recalled that, in fact, Sentsov and Kolchenko were sent to prison for creating a terrorist organisation and for preparing real acts of terrorism that implied the murder of dozens of peaceful citizens. Moreover, the investigation had very strong proof that was publicly shown during the court case. But the Crimean Tatar activists don’t care about such details in principle.

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They showed with grief the brochure “Prisoners of the Kremlin”, in which arrested “freedom fighters” were listed by name. However, on the pages of this little book reality suddenly started to fly out – many “innocent fighters” in actual fact had an extremely interesting course of life, including training in special camps or active participation in the activity of neo-Nazi groups. Thus, the true biographies of these activists were foggily described in this book – for example, entrepreneur, “taxi driver”, or “former owner of a toy store”. But the Ukrainian media, accustomed to everything, didn’t pay attention to such strangeness. But the strangeness flowing from the lips of the Crimean Tatars continued to multiply.

“In nearly four years without Ukraine Crimea endured terrifying changes, everything is destroyed. Even after returning the peninsula to Ukraine, there will be a need to invest money in the restoration of its infrastructure, establish economic processes, and return the healthy moods of the population,” stated Bariyev mournfully.

For any normal person at this moment a logical question is asked: and sorry, what about the Crimean Bridge? Or repairing all Crimean roads? Or the electricity and gas supply of the peninsula? Or the “Tavrida” road, at least? All of these megaprojects simply don’t exist in the parallel reality of people like Bariyev. “The infrastructure of Crimea is destroyed” – and that’s it, not to mention the “healthy moods of the population”.

“In Crimea the Russian propaganda machine works in full swing. The mystification of history, distorted facts, frank lies – nothing stops the occupiers!” stated the deputy minister Dzhaparova. “They have one aim – to convince as many Crimeans as possible that they really want to be as a part of Russia. But in reality they want to live in Ukraine! They love Petro Poroshenko, but hide it!”

At this moment it became clear – you won’t get through to these people neither with obvious facts nor the most convincing arguments, and even by gestures of good will.

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“Recently Vladimir Putin suggested to return to Ukraine the equipment and arms of the UAF – in particular, the seized Ukrainian ships,” said Bariyev, like it was something shameful. “However, there is not even an alm behind this statement! No, this is an attempt to get rid of equipment that was put out of action! And, of course, an attempt to lift himself in the opinion of the international community. By the way, this proposal of Russia doesn’t extend to ammunition – the Kremlin already managed to use it in the wars in Donbass and Syria,” explained the head of the Crimean Tatar Resource Center.

Bariyev and Dzhaparova sincerely promised – a large-scale international campaign for the return of the peninsula to Ukraine will surely start with the forum “4 years of occupation”, which starts in Kiev on February 26th.

Eskender Bariyev also suddenly reported – the “Crimean Tatar Resource Center” has a realistic plan for the occupation of Crimea by Ukraine.

“Within the framework of our strategy there are two important moments. We are sure that Ukraine’s occupation of Crimea must happen in 2019. And in the next two years – up to 2021 – we will work on the processes of its return to Ukraine in the ideological, cultural, and educational domains – on what is called reintegration,” summarised Bariyev.

Probably, due to absent-mindedness, the Tatar figure forgot to report one thing – for what reason, in reality, should Russia hand over its peninsula a year from now? This question, alas, remains without an answer – probably because it didn’t fit into the context.

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After the meeting the correspondent of the FAN sincerely asked Bariyev questions:

In your opinion, what percentage of Crimeans now really want to return to Ukraine?

“Well, of course, I can’t tell you the exact figure now. But this percentage is very big!” answered the Tatar, dextrously evading the question. He then began to throw out strange numbers from the late Soviet history.

But hang on, why do thousands of Ukrainians go to Crimea for vacation annually if there is such terrible repression?

“And I urge Ukrainians not to go to the peninsula on holiday in order to not support the enemy with money!” responded Bariyev. “And I urge Crimeans to ignore future Russian Presidential elections in order to inflict heavy moral damage to Russia!”

At this moment the correspondent of the FAN understood – this person can’t be caught in a lie, because practically everything that he says almost 100% consists of this substance [a lie – ed]. And it’s not possible to shame him for juggling facts, because this same Bariyev simply refuses to see obvious facts. But, at the same time, he willingly creates his own, and considers them to be the veritable truth. And the correspondent immediately had a thought – it is frightening if such people for some reason returned to Crimea, well, within the framework of some “historical unification”. Because with such talent in creating a parallel reality it won’t be difficult at all for such people to brainwash their compatriots, tens of thousands of who today quietly live and work in Crimea.

There was also the thought that Bariyev and his band of co-thinkers found for themselves, in general, a convenient place in the Ukrainian political circle – a place of such “useful idiots”, who allow Kiev to always have at hand a group of “dissatisfied natives of Crimea”. They can at any opportunity be poked under the nose of Europeans and Americans at international conferences, with brochures printed in Europe forced into their hands, and they can be forced to wave around badly invented facts. Well, and, of course, sometimes to feed them – after all, a “true Tatar” won’t be fully satiated by only “dreams of returning the Crimea”.

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