Crimean Tatars of Turkey Called on Russia and Germany to Form an Alliance Against the US

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Russia, Turkey, and Germany must create a union against the US, which destabilizes the situation with the aim of seizing the gas market. This was stated at the Forum of Friends of Crimea in Livadiya by Unver Sel, the head of Federation of the Crimean-Tatar cultural organizations of Turkey.

According to him, Europe and Eurasia must live in peace, however the Anglo-Saxons deliberately make them quarrel. The Turkish social activist considers that “the 100-year Anglo-Saxon domination comes to an end”, however “the US, by means of global special operations, tries to prevent it”.

“It is naive to believe that the situation in the East of Ukraine is independent of the aforesaid. Attempts to present the Russian Federation as guilty for the events in the East of Ukraine are unacceptable, the US constantly tries to undermine the Minsk process,” affirms Sel.

“Turkey, the Russian Federation, and Germany must collectively oppose the policy of the US. The US provoked terrorist actions in Qatar, Syria, and Ukraine in order to force forward the supply of their gas. Turkey understood this and developed the ‘Turkish Stream’ project,” he said.

Sel affirms that a part of the “Turkish Stream” pipeline passes under the Black Sea in waters near Crimea. “Turkey de facto recognizes that Crimea is Russian territory, since ‘Turkish stream’ is being laid near the coast of Crimea,” he said.

History shows that in the last centuries the fate of Crimea was determined by Russia and Turkey, the pretensions of Ukraine to the peninsula are inspired by the West, however they aren’t supported by the local population, added the social activist.

“In a recent interview for the most influential and dear newspaper of Turkey I said that Crimea was never Ukraine. It’s not just a definition. It is a historical fact. There was always to sides – the Ottoman Empire and Russia. The efforts of Ukraine for domination in Crimea were used by western States. The Crimean people never supported this. In 2014 the situation changed,” said Sel.

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