Crimean Woman in Donetsk Who Miraculously Survived UAF Shelling Scolded the OSCE

Translated by Sergey Bardashov


A few days ago Valentina Borisova travelled to Donetsk from Crimea to pick up her grandson for summer holidays. She spent all of last night hiding from the shelling and covering her grandson with her own body in Kuibyshevskiy district of Donetsk city. While walking out of her home after the shelling stopped, the worried and nervous woman met OSCE staff and told them everything what she things about the work of their mission in Donbass.

“I wish you the same! I wish your kids in your home countries to feel the same as my grandchildren! You are bastards!” shouted woman.

In response to the short reply of the OSCE staff “Bastards are those who do the shelling”, the woman said: “And who does the shelling? The DPR (Donetsk Peoples Republic) is shelling us in your opinion? Ukraine does this and you protecting Ukraine! Ukraine does this while being led by gangster Poroshenko! I don’t see your work, absolutely don’t!” she replied.

The second OSCE worker approached her and tried to say something.

But the woman said to him: “I don’t see your work for the third year! Do you understand that this is the cry of my soul! My kids live here, my grandchildren!”

She also said that she arrived from Crimea recently to take her grandson for a holiday to the peninsula. In addition, she reminded the OSCE staff that Crimea is not Ukraine.

“Remember, Crimea was never Ukraine! Let Ukraine forget about Crimea!” summered up the agitated woman.

When journalists came up to ask her to comment on the situation she took a breath and told them that she was most afraid for her kids and her grandson.

“My daughter lives here. I came for my grandson to take him for vacation in Crimea and today I slept under the shelling. I covered my grandson with my body. I thought I was going to die but at least I’ll save my grandson. But those…” and she pointed in the direction of the OSCE, “…they just came here to ‘observe’. My heart bleeds, for three years no one can stop this horror”.

As a reminder, today two civilians were wounded because of the shelling of Donetsk by the Ukrainian army.

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