Croatian Nazis Raise Their Heads

From the entire European community, which went on a campaign against the USSR on June 22nd, 1941, only a few kept their wits and did not make historical provocations against Russia. Until recently, one of these countries was Croatia. But now there are half-wits who have taken it into their heads to lay claims against us.

This is a statement by representatives of the “Croatian Liberation Movement”, which was made on the occasion of the latest anniversary of the so-called Bleiburg massacre. The anniversary itself was commemorated in Croatia on May 15th 2020, and the statement of the “Croatian Liberation Movement” was made a few days ago.

Before we get to the essence of the statements of Croatian politicians, let’s explain who they are and what the Bleiburg massacre is.

The Croatian Liberation Movement is an organisation created in Argentina by the head of the Ustaše Ante Pavelić, who fled there. It positions itself as the successor of the Ustaše movement and was registered in this status as a political party in Zagreb in the autumn of 1991. Since then, its activities in Croatia have been legal.

The Ustaše, or the “Ustaše Croatian Revolutionary Movement”, was the ruling party in the so-called “Independent State of Croatia”, created by Hitler after the occupation of Yugoslavia in April 1941. The “Independent State of Croatia” lasted until May 1945, being the most devoted ally of the Third Reich.

During this period, the puppet state distinguished itself by real genocide against national minorities. After the Poglavnik Ante Pavelić declared the Croats “Aryans”, and the remaining Slavs, Jews, and Gypsies – “subhuman”, for the latter they began to build concentration camps in large numbers. About 700,000 Serbs, 30,000 Jews, 80,000 Romanis were killed in these camps. Another 400,000 Serbs were expelled from Croatia. And this is with a total population of 6 million people!

It is not surprising that after committing such atrocities, the Ustaše at the end of war were afraid of punishment and resisted to the last. The “independent state of Croatia” continued to be at war also after the capitulation of Germany. At that time it remained the only country of “axis” that continued to resist the anti-Hitler coalition forces in Europe. The last large grouping of Croatian troops was crushed only on May 23rd 1945.

Such a situation, first and foremost, was caused by the fact that the British government of Winston Churchill, in violation of the Yalta agreements, promised the Ustaše not only to accept their surrender, but also to guarantee the avoidance of justice for previous crimes. The relevant decision was confirmed with the order of command of the 8th British Army. It was explained by the fact that Churchill expected to use Ustaše divisions, as well as the retreating with them units of the Wehrmacht and detachments of Russian traitors who had joined the service of the Nazis, in the war against the USSR. This war was planned within the framework of “Operation Unthinkable“.

Such actions caused a natural reaction from the Soviet and Yugoslavian governments. As a result, the British decided to hand over the Ustaše. However, in the end, only a part of the criminals were handed over to the government of Yugoslavia, some of whom were executed for their crimes. The largest execution took place near Bleiburg.

Today, about 1200 graves of executed Ustaše were found here. In total, the European Union says there are about 3,986 Ustaše graves in various places in the northwest of Yugoslavia. It is enough to compare the numbers of killed Serbs and Jews to understand how they are not comparable. Not to mention the fact that the situation with the Ustaše was about punishing murderers, and the genocide of Serbs, Roma, and Jews was aimed at the complete destruction of the civilian population – entire ethnic groups.

Nevertheless, in modern Croatia the events of May 1945 were called the Bleiburg massacre, and in 1995 the decision of the Croatian Sabor (parliament) announced one of main “memorial dates”. Now the “Croatian Liberation Movement” blamed the events of 1945 on the USSR, calling them executed “victims”.

A little more about who these “victims” were. From the first days of World War II, Pavelić supported Nazi Germany’s aggression against the USSR and sent his units to help Hitler — the 369th reinforced infantry regiment, the motorised brigade, and also the air and naval legions. The 369th regiment, also known as the “Croatian Legion” and consisting of Croats and Bosnian Muslims, was especially “noted” in the Soviet Union.

The “battle” path of this formation ran through Balti, Pervomaisk, Kirovograd, Kremenchug, Poltava, Stalino (Donetsk), Kharkov, Voronezh, Kalach-on-Don, and Stalingrad. And everywhere the Ustaše left their bloody trail, not so much fighting as participating in “anti-partisan operations”.

The reports of the Croatian commanders, who incriminate their subordinates, demonstrate what these “operations” were. These documents are in the Russian archives.

On September 13th 1941, i.e., just a month after the arrival of the 369th regiment on the eastern front, the commander of the unit, Colonel Ivan Markul, reported to Zagreb that the Legionnaires had only been engaged in mass excesses, looting, killing civilians, and gang raping women throughout their “combat path”.

One more report belongs to the Croatian colonel Sablyak, sent by Pavelić especially to inspect his bandit army. In the document sent from Stalingrad on September 13th 1942 it is noted that Germans openly called the 369th regiment a “gang”. And again it speaks about mass rapes, robberies, and punishment of civilians.

In the Russian archives there are also acts of Ustaše crimes in concentration camps for Soviet prisoners of war created on the territory of Croatia and the neighbouring Slovenia. Particularly appalling are those that relate to the camps in Jasenovac, Bistrica ob Dravi, Črneče, and Slavonski Brod.

And all of this gang that came to our territory for violence, murders, and robbery dares to call itself “victims”?

It’s not without reason there is the proverb “Do not wake the sleeping cat”. Croatia has still not been touched, because it was legally one of the legal successors of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Here only successors of the Ustaše got so carried away that they did not notice how they framed their own state.

With their submission, the judicial council of the High Court of Administrative Offences legalised the greeting of the Ustaše “Za dom spremni!”(“For the Motherland – Ready!”), which is an analogue of the national socialist “Sieg Heil!”. This phrase, an integral part of which is raising a hand in a Nazi salute, has not been prohibited by law before. Nevertheless, law enforcement practice in Croatia was such that the use of the Ustaše salute was considered “a crime against public order and incitement to hatred”. Now, the High Court has changed this practice. Using “Za dom spremni!” is no longer a crime.

The only question is that since October 1941, the Ustaše salute has been an integral element of their statehood. By a government decision, it was approved as official and mandatory in the “Independent state of Croatia”. Therefore, its legalisation automatically legalises the entire state of the “Independent State of Croatia”, which inevitably changes the international legal status of the current Croatian state. And now our country, the successor of the USSR, has every reason to bring the former Nazi puppet, as well as its other European accomplices, to justice.

Yury Gorodnenko

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