Cunning Plan & Hamadan

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard

Written by Alexander Rodgers


As was said by my school teacher of German – “So, meine kleine”…

So, while our little white ribbon “analysts” [Putin’s opposition in Russia – ed] broadcast “aviation only delays the inevitable”, the reality is very different from their wretched treacherous dreams about the defeat of Russia in general, and in Syria in particular.

Just over the last few days there has been the arrival of some very significant news regarding the situation in Syria, Russia’s presence in the Middle East, and its effect on deals.

1. Russia completes all the formalities (including its private legal framework) required for the continued functioning of the Russian military base in Syria. Moreover, it is on a non-repayable basis (that is, the Federation does not pay any rent, taxes, or other expenses).

It means she is likely to hint to skeptics that we are seriously in the region for the long haul (otherwise, all this bureaucratic fuss would be pointless).

2. Russia deployed Tu-22M3 to the Iranian air base, Hamadan, of course, with the permission of the supreme Ayatollah and the secular authorities of Iran. Thus:

a) the capacity of Russia’s Air Force in the region is being expanded

— the pre-flight time is being reduced, and this increases the efficiency of our aviations’ activity;

— the cost of fuel is being reduced;

— the radius of possible actions of the Russian Air Force is being increased.

b) This is one more obvious demonstration of allied relations between the Russian Federation and Iran. Because for the last 35 years, Tehran has not allowed anything similar to anyone.

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3. Russia, Iran, Iraq, and Syria established a joint information center to combat “Barmaley” [ISIS – ed]. Meanwhile the US and its allies are nervously smoking in “corridors”, periodically bombing schools and hospitals (and even their allies).

4. The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation acquired permission to fly its cruise missiles via Iran and Iraq (the Russians are doing everything in accordance with international law and coordinating with local authorities, it’s only the Americans who create arbitrariness, without asking anyone).

And this means that the flight of cruise missiles in the near future is planned.

5. In the Caspian sea exercises of the Caspian flotilla began, which involve missile ships “Tatarstan” and “Dagestan”, small missile ship “Grad Sviyazsk” and “Veliky Ustyug”, equipped with “Kalibr” sea-based long range cruise missiles – and artillery ships, minesweepers, and attached supply vessels.

6. At the same time, to strengthen the permanent operative synchronicity of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean sea, two corvettes of the black sea fleet – “Serpukhov” and “Zeleny Dol” – arrived. These ships are also armed with “Kalibr” cruise missiles.

Officially, jointly with the permanent operative synchronicity of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean sea, they will “conduct exercises”, and by the end of August plan to return to the Black sea.

All of this collectively, subtly hints that in the coming days (and maybe even hours) a colorful fire-show is awaiting “Barmaley”, and its scale and results will be much more superior to last year’s launches from the Caspian sea.

It will be beautiful – everybody will die. But not everyone is going to die from delight.

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By and large, Russia is very clearly demonstrating who will actually resolve the situation in the region. And judging by the actions of the authorities of Iraq, Iran, and Syria (and now, perhaps, Turkey), everybody understands and recognizes it very well.

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