Putin’s Cunning Plan

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard

Written by Alexander Rodgers



No matter how much skeptics would continue to mock “Putin’s Cunning Plan”, it not only exists, but also works…

It is worth it to learn from Putin the capacity to absorb a blow and to methodically bend his course…

Not a long time ago, Erdogan was flying like a proud eagle, but now: ” tragic error,  Chief, casting a dark shadow on our friendship”. And generally, “Little Recep is not guilty, all this is because of damn Gulen-Mulen”.

However, let’s look at the situation procedurally, in the format of “was/became”.


A year ago, all “SOS criers” and “flushers” were shouting “Putin is flushing Assad! Send the troops!” The troops were not introduced, but the aviation group of shock was introduced, which began to destroy the infrastructure of “Barmaley” [author nickname for ISIS – pirate and cannibal from Russian children’s novel – ed], fortifications, training bases, headquarters, weapons depots, convoys of tankers and so on. This helped Assad’s troops to liberate bases and airfields a long time under siege, to liberate a few cities (including ancient Palmyra), greatly increase the government-controlled territory and to make a few encirclements where a considerable number of insurgents were milled in cauldrons, and many fled outside Syria.

Yes, the final victory is still far away, but the turning point has occurred and the situation is much better than it was a year ago.


Small, but proud bird, Erdogan has built his business on trade of bought-for-pennies Barmaley’s oil, treated them in Turkish hospitals, actively supported them not only with weapons and trainers, but helped them by sending a considerable number of nationalist Turkmen – “Grey Wolves.”

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Erdogan’s ambitions pushed him to flirt with the Crimean “Majlis”, the Turkman took part in the blockade of Crimea and generally showed excessive activity in the Kherson region of the former Ukraine.

The proud bird became so insolent that it even shot down a Russian plane, when his underground oil business, being overseen by his torn, was torn apart by bombing. And “no apologies”.

A year barely passed as small Recep rushed to apologize. Carefully mangling the unfamiliar Russian words. The Americans are “filthy”, and that with the Russians it is an “age-old tradition of friendship.”

It implies that Ankara’s policy against Syria will be radically revised. It’s very possible that the “wolves” remaining on Syrian territory will be simply flushed. At least those who will not be able to quickly leave.

And generally, the situation is reminiscent of 1944. When it became clear that the days of the Third Reich became numbered, and that the USSR wins, many “small but proud” that fought on Hitler’s side at this moment, started to suddenly declare war on him. Finland, Bulgaria, and other “wind vanes” changed in a flash.

And it’s the same now – the weakness of the US, rapidly losing its position in the world, becomes obvious to many. As recently, during the Democrat Convention, Biden said “We are America, second to none, and we own the finish line.” But me,  I would say that it’s the finish line that is coming to America – it is more exact. Finita la commedia.

And concerning little Erdogan, he has still to work and work.


What was after the return of Crimea? “Aggression”, “annexation”, “we will never recognizing”, “sanctions”, “isolation”.

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And what? Nowadays Europeans so much want to lift the sanctions that they are even bouncing like a guy after a couple of liters of beer near the door of an occupied toilet. The honey is sweet, but the bee stings, and Obama doesn’t allow it (yet).

And they are already ready to recognise Crimea, and even don’t want to hear about any “Russian aggression”.

And they have no time now for Crimea and Ukraine – they now have refugees, the referendum in the Netherlands, Brexit, looming on the horizon collapse of Deutsche Bank and other troubled banks, the struggle for power between the European Parliament and the European Commission, the wave of terrorist attacks. No time for distractions – they try to survive.

And of course Ukraine

How without her today? Let’s start with the EU’s perception of the Kiev regime. If two years ago, Poroshenko was a “hero of the revolution”, “democracy and European integration”, whose name was welcomed and praised, but he is now a corrupter, alcoholic, beggar in an always rumpled suit, which they try not to invite anywhere, and in case he comes anyway – they try to as quick as possible cancel his accreditation. Out of sight, out of mind.

IMF loans have not been given for nearly a year, this summer, the fund simply refused even to include the case of Ukraine in the schedule of its meetings.

And on the socio-economical situation, I have already written dozens of articles about the banks’ failures, about the holes in the budget, about an empty Pension Fund, about over-the-top tariffs of housing and communal services, a rapid growth in crime, and so on.

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There is no money for the purchase of gas and coal, there is no money to repair nuclear power plants, there is no money to repair Kiev’s sewerage, there is no money for the creation and repair of military equipment, and there is no money to purchase shells (this alone pleases).

The few remaining workers of the factories are on strike, the miners go on hunger strike (it is not complicated if since February you do not receive a salary), unemployed lumpen increase in crime statistics.

But the most important is consideration for “maidowns” [maidan activists – ed] from the other residents of the former Ukraine. They’re disdained, hated, beaten, and sometimes even killed. No of course, a certain stratum of the incurable schizophrenics are still delirious with Russophobia, and blames Putin for all their troubles, but european euphoria and european hysteria leaves even them.

The situation is changing on all fronts. Everything is going according to plan.

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