Cute Americans & Evil Russians: The World According to American Handbooks

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


According to my life observations, it’s usually not most intelligent people, to put it mildly, who try to cheat and hope to outwit everyone. And all these Goebblesisms, like the more often you repeat a lie the more it will be believed, doesn’t really work. Or more precisely, it works, but not for long.

But the United States seems to firmly trust that they can keep the whole world fooled infinitely. That, in my opinion, reflects badly on their mental abilities.

What do they usually try to accuse the USSR/Russia of when trying to portray us as the “Evil Empire”? Let’s go over the list.

1. Stalin’s repressions. The peak number of Gulag prisoners (including criminal prisoners, Nazi collaborators, and Nazi war prisoners), is about 1.8 million people.

While the number of executed from 1917 to 1953, is known and it is 730,000 people. And this takes into account the civil and great Patriotic wars.

At the same time, the number of prisoners in the US today is over 2.6 million people. Having only 5% of the world’s population, they keep in their jails 25% of all prisoners of the world. And who after this is a “prison of nations”? Where the kingdom of non-freedom?

While the number of deaths from the inhuman conditions in the labor armies of Roosevelt, according to some American researchers, exceeds 500,000 people. And this data is still classified.

Russians recognised their repression, condemned them (in the days of Khrushchev, who was their one of the most active leaders), and repented them. The US government continues to hide its crimes against its own people.

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By the way, what about the Japanese-Americans who were en masse thrown in concentration camps in 1940 only because of their “wrong” eye shape? Did somebody repent it for the past 75 years?

2. Tanks in Prague. “Horrible Russians crushed the uprising with tanks”. During the crackdown of the riots in 1968, approximately 50-60 Czechs died. At this time the majority died at the hands of German comrades from the GDR, but there are no pretensions to them, for some reason.

Around the same time period the United States breached Vietnam, where they killed and injured more than 6.5 million people.

But the Americans are cute, but Russians are evil orcs. Yes, Dr. Goebbels?

3. Tragedy in Novocherkassk. Yes, a tragedy. The uprising of the Soviet people – an unprecedented event. It never happened before. But for such an event the USSR had rubber truncheons, no tear gas, no riot police, like the “democratic” West.

26 persons were killed, 87 were wounded.

During approximately the same years in the US, a series of riots in major cities took place: in St. Louis, Detroit, Los Angeles, and several other cities. In 1964, there were 5 uprisings, 1965 – 9, 1966 – 38, in 1967 – already 230. In April 1968, in response to the murder of Martin Luther King, in different cities in the US there were 202 uprisings recorded.

According to official figures, in 1964, five were killed and about 1,000 wounded (in reality for three wounded there is an average of one corpse, so the number of dead you can estimate yourself), in 1965, respectively – 36 and 200, in 1966 – 11 and 500, in 1967 – 117 and 2000, in the first half of 1968 – 46 and 3,500 people, respectively.

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According to unofficial data, only in St. Louis and Detroit during crackdowns of riots, 200 people or more were killed in each case.

But, again, the United States is cute and the Soviet Union/Russia is a totalitarian country. Goebbels is applauding in his grave.

4. “Incursion in Georgia” 08.08.08. In reality, it has long been proven that it was the Georgians who began shelling Tskhinvali and surrounding villages, intending to set up in South Ossetia ethnic cleansing (by the way, already not for the first time in recent years). And only whores-for-cash and creeping slaves continue to spout the nonsense from American handbooks.

At this time how many citizens of Georgia were killed during the forcing of Saakashvili’s regime to peace? Zero?

And how many died as a result of the American incursions of Iraq and Afghanistan? In Iraq, according to various estimates, from 1.3 to 1.5 million, and in Afghanistan, more than 300,000.

Do not forget that Russians were in South Ossetia in accordance with the peacekeeping mandate of the United Nations, but the United States in Iraq and Afghanistan breached without the slightest legal justification.

And who again is cute, and who is the baddie? Whisper to us please, Joseph Goebbles!

5. And one more fact: In Russia, over the past year, the police killed 14 people, from which 13 were terrorist Wahhabis in the Caucasus. In the United States during the past six months, the police killed about 400 people, more than a third of whom were unarmed. So it is immediately clear where real freedom and democracy is!

6. And also for comparison: Russia supports the Russian rebels (who are not recognized as terrorists by anyone, not even the Kiev court) in Eastern Ukraine, who rebelled against the military coup inspired by the USA and implemented by neo-Nazi militants. Imagine those Russians became so impudent that they do not allow the impudent killing of other Russians!

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The United States is Syria supports internationally recognized terrorists from “ISIS” and “Jabhat al-Nusra” against the legitimate and democratically elected government of Bashar al-Assad.

Aren’t they cute! Fighters of light, fighters of spondulix!

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