The Cyrillic Alphabet – the Next Victim Of “Decommunisation” in Ukraine?

By Ollie Richardson

It was suggested to the “President” of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko to replace the Cyrillic alphabet with the Latin one in Ukrainian. The corresponding petition was posted on the website of the head of the Ukrainian state.

According to authors of the initiative, the transition to Latin will “contribute to the development of the Ukrainian language around the world”. The Ukrainian language will become more understandable to foreigners. Such a decision will also favourably influence the development of information technology in the country. It should be noted that by the present moment the petition has collected less than 100 votes from the 25,000 necessary for its obligatory consideration.

“The text of the petition written according to resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No.55 of 27th January 2010.

Ask the President and the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to draft and adopt a law on the full transition from the Cyrillic to the Latin alphabet. This decision will:

• provide the mass transfer of the population of Ukraine to the Ukrainian language;

• strengthen our course on Euro-integration, where all countries use Latin letters;

• help resolve the now actual linguistic conflict with Hungary and other countries that oppose the ‘Law on Education’, and will oblige all educational institutions to use the official Latin alphabet;

• give full advantage in the information war and will contribute to the protection of information;

This will greatly influence the DEVELOPMENT of the UKRAINIAN LANGUAGE in the whole world, as it will be easier for foreigners to perceive and study it, not to mention the benefits in the field of information technology.”

It isn’t known whether the author of the petition created it for a joke or they indeed sincerely want to transfer the Ukrainian language to Latin, but the very fact that Kazakhstan has in fact made this same transition speaks volumes. Western media presented the move by Nazarbayev as the shedding of its “heavy Cyrillic coat” and the donning of “what he hopes to be a more fashionable attire: the Latin alphabet”. In other words: western “civilisation” is “cool”, and eastern “barbarism” is sooo last year!

Question: Did Kazakhstan make this move independently, or was there an American parrot in its ear, ordering to ditch Cyrillic? Well, the following lines from the American NGO “Public Radio International” may provide some clues:

“Some observers suspect the driving force behind the country’s new linguistic switch is the government’s desire to distance itself from Russian influence, especially amid Moscow’s recent militaristic resurgence.

Nazarbayev has long promoted ‘Kazakhification’ while also balancing relations with Russia, the West and China. But according to Edward Schatz, a professor of political science at the University of Toronto who studies Central Asia, he’s also avoided antagonizing Moscow because of Kazakhstan’s long land border with Russia as well as its significant Slavic population.”

The language used in the above statement is very reminiscent of the language used by other NGOs in and around both Syria and Ukraine. “Some observers suspect…” is usually a proxy phrase that means “Washington thinks…”; “distance itself from Russian influence” usually translates as “western-backed color revolution”; “…Moscow’s recent militaristic resurgence” de facto means “we want to present Russia as being aggressive to sell the narrative that former Soviet States are turning to the West of their own accord”; and any term with the “ification” or “isation” suffix usually means “liberal”. The most notorious example of this is, of course, “Ukrainianisation”, which in reality is some invented nonsense to justify further dragging Ukraine into the Anglo bloc. This is similar actually to the concept of being “British”, where an Irish person is no longer Irish, but British. I.e., one’s own history and roots are replaced by some invented fairy tale designed to cover up genocide and exploitation.

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So, bearing in mind how Kazakhstan’s switch to Latin is being presented in the Western media, it can be confidently affirmed that the same string-pullers are causing Ukraine to make the same involuntary movements. After all, in the CIA nest known as “Western Ukraine” pleas can be heard from the same villages that worship mass murderers like Stepan Bandera to conclude this switch to Latin as soon as possible:

“Europe is Latin, all the progressive, civilized world that we aspire to be is Latin. And, ultimately, if you walk on the streets, the main brands, the main commercially successful projects of brands are in Latin, that’s why each Ukrainian who wants to be successful abroad, in the West, leaves Cyrillic at home and switches to Latin.

At the same time the ‘Russian world’ is based on Cyrillic, if to be more precise, then only twelve countries of the world use Cyrillic now. Most of them are rather retarded or openly pro-Russian countries.

There question arises – if Kazakhstan switched to Latin, and earlier it was done by other post-Soviet countries, then why wouldn’t Ukraine at least contemplate it, why not switch from Cyrillic, which is the basis of the ‘Russian world’, to Latin, which is the basis of the free world.”

And brainwashed Ukrainians such as the one above – salivating at the thought of being closer to dear America – are also being incited by the State Department’s NGO web. Arguably the most vile Russophobic ragsThe Interpreterand Euromaidan Press were already stirring the linguistic pot long before this petition was posted. Since this laughable drivel was written, and since Poroshenko passed Laws for quotas of songs and programs on the radio and TV in the Ukrainian language, more and more examples have presented themselves illustrating that the only way to uproot the Rus roots of Ukraine is to literally exterminate the blue/yellow plant – by depopulation.

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And this is where the current Minister of Healthcare Ulana Suprun enters the fray. As the Americans “discovered” in Korea – it is much easier to sell the “liberal dream” to a country by convincing the indigenous population to psychologically reject their roots and to adopt a new, totally false identity. Those who resist this process are called “separatists”, “subhumans”, or “agents of the enemy”. But, since some resistance is inevitable, extra effort may need to be exerted in order to reduce the burden on the American aggressor, thus it is much more favourable to cull the entire flock to a more manageable size. In fact, the acting Prime Minister of Ukraine now exploits a new trick – when discussing the population of Ukraine, he includes those who migrated from the country. Thus, according to Mr Groysman, the population of Ukraine is 110 million – 45 million in Ukraine, and 65 million around the world.

So, taking into account everything mentioned above, what are the chances of Ukraine switching to Latin? The first problem is that 9+ million Ukrainians are still commuting to Russia simply because inside Ukraine there are absolutely no work prospects. These people are more hoping to leave Ukraine for good than to become further immersed in the failed State. Secondly, the forced switch in education from Russian to Ukrainian hasn’t gone down well with the parents of children in both primary and secondary schools. For many this forced change has also moved them into the category of “not wanting to live in Ukraine anymore”. Thirdly, many regions – such as Odessa, Nikolaev, Kharkov, and Dnepropetrovsk – are predominantly Russian-speaking regions. In fact, for the non-brainwashed natives of Odessa it is simply bizarre to hear police officers speaking Ukrainian and to see signs and shop displays using Ukrainian too. In other words, the “Ukrainianisation” project is critically failing, mainly because no amount of money or NGO propaganda can erase historical facts.

The problem the US/EU faced when they tried to fully convert Ukraine into its own enclave a la Kosovo is one that the CIA have been stuck on for over 70 years. It has been known to western intelligence agencies as late as 1957 that some regions of Ukraine would resist any attempts by the Anglo Saxon empire to drag the country into its sphere of influence. The ones that wouldn’t resist where the ones that already welcomed the SS “Galicia” division onto their land and developed a fetish for New York fashion.

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It is now 2017, and Washington is still no closer to swallowing an “independent” Ukraine in its entirety. And, thanks to the Minsk Agreements, the once desired meal is no longer appealing for the West, because it will be like swallowing razorblades. The sad fact for Ukraine is that it was never going to join the EU. It was all lies. The American NGOs executed the most humiliating scam of modern times on the supporters of the 2014 coup d’etat, and now it’s too late.

For Ukraine to switch to the Latin alphabet there is a need for people to actually learn and subsequently utilise the transition. And since most deputies, nazis, and anyone born before the new millennium in general refuse to or are simply unable to abandon the Russian language, the idea is a non-starter. BUT, this fact matters not to the liquidation commission known as the “party of war” in the Rada. Since America gave Poroshenko a bit of leeway in terms of managing the country day-to-day, the latter needs to bring the neo-Nazis – both marginals and central characters – on his side to keep his bid for a second presidential term alive. And for this completely selfish decision all means are good to further develop the fake Banderist-Ukrainian identity. Even if it means switching to the Latin alphabet and making the most part of the country even more vulnerable. After all, if an ordinary Ukrainian was told in 2014 that VKontakte and St. George’s Ribbons would be banned nationwide 4 years from now, they most likely would have laughed.

In summary: even if this petition fails, such a move concerning the alphabet would suit Capitol Hill very much. Logic doesn’t need to be present when decisions are made in the Verkhovna Rada. The task was to tear Ukraine away from its Motherland, even if it means the extinction of Ukraine as a State. And for people like Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Petro Poroshenko, Aleksandr Turchynov, Arsen Avakov, Andrey Parubiy etc – the interests of the people never mattered anyway, so one more blow to the Trident-shaped corpse can only but please their curators. Farewell “ъ” and “ь” – symbols of the “Russian empire”

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