The Czech President Rejected the Fantasies of Opponents About “Russian Propaganda” Influencing Elections

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


By accusing fellow citizens of falling under the influence of others’ propaganda, politicians believe that they are thus incapacitated, stated the President of the Czech Republic Milos Zeman on Friday. He commented on the statement of one of the leading presidential candidates of Jiří Drahoš, that the October parliamentary elections in the country were affected by “Russian propaganda”, which could have affected the results of elections also.

“I consider it to be an insult to Czech citizens when someone says that they have appeared under the influence of certain imaginary foreign services during the recent parliamentary elections, and that they can fall under it during the upcoming presidential elections. This would imply that these Czech citizens are incapacitated. Probably, the person applying for the President’s post shouldn’t consider his fellow citizens as incapacitated,” quotes RIA Novosti from Zeman’s words.

The President called Drahoš’ statement “a desperate attempt to attract attention to the spreading of conspiracy theories”, which reminds Zeman of the behavior of the losing Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton during last year’s presidential elections in the US.

Earlier on Friday at a press conference Drahoš said that the Russian special services and the disinformation websites existing in their interests in the Czech Republic exerted their influence on the October parliamentary elections in the country, and that a similar thing can happen during the presidential elections. According to the politician, he has no proof, however he “feels” it.

It should be noted that the presidential elections will take place in the Czech Republic on January 12th-13th, 2018 – nine candidates are registered for participation in them. According to the latest poll, which was conducted in the middle of November, the current President Milos Zeman has the greatest chances of winning the election – 45% of respondents intend to vote for him, and the former head of the Academy of Sciences Jiří Drahoš is supported by 40% of respondents.

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