Czech Russophobic NGO “People in Need” Banned in the DPR

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


After my publications on the activities of Czech grant-eaters and the Russophobic organization “People In Need” (PIN), the DPR has initiated a comprehensive audit of their activities, both from the Ministry of State Security and other departments.

During the inspection numerous violations were uncovered – abuse and theft of humanitarian aid by “People In Need”. Following the results of the audit, the decision was taken to ban the activities of this organization on the territory of Donetsk People’s Republic and all of its representatives were ordered to leave the territory of the Republic within 24 hours.


Let me remind you that this organization was involved in supporting terrorists in Chechnya, its activity on the territory of Russia is forbidden since 2004, in the Czech Republic it is engaged in Russophobia propaganda among pupils and students by organizing seminars and other events where children are zombified by stories about the “horrific Russians”.

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