“Daily Feat”: Mini-Film About Donetsk Ambulance Workers

NEW – August 14, 2022

The capital of the DPR is under fire every day — the arrivals of heavy howitzers and jet-propelled systems take lives, destroy families and maim people. Children are often the victims.

In just one night at an ambulance substation, we witnessed a terrible tragedy — a 15-year-old teenager Vladislav stepped on a “PFM-1” mine. Doctors have done everything to save the boy’s leg — but he will still remain disabled.

And there are a lot of such teenagers, adults. Some are blown up on “PFM-1”, others come under fire. Many can be saved thanks to the courage and bravery of Donetsk doctors who work hard.

About the heroes who remain unnoticed, but do the most important work in the world — watch the mini-film of Readovka, filmed by our war correspondent Rostislav Shorokhov.


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