Dare to Create the Future, Russian-style

NEW – June 3, 2022

It is important to unleash the creative potential of everyone, to realise their wildest dreams.

The West is cutting Russia off from the globalist neoliberal model that oppressed and corrupted our nation, the entire Russian world. The West is freeing Russia from dependence on itself — this is a huge challenge that requires a qualitatively different way of thinking, independent and daring.

Wherever the West has hooked us on the needle of addiction, now it is depriving us of it. Yes, it causes withdrawal among those who are hooked on Western products/standards. This is breaking for those who are mentally hooked on the West.

But in fact, for the Russian nation, it is recovery, gaining freedom. To put it bluntly, this is de-neocolonisation. That is, getting rid of excessive dependence in various industries.

And we have to help it in this. Russia should abandon all neocolonial dependencies – all Western and pro-Western organisations.

In the economy – withdraw from the WTO, break off relations with the IMF – and independently determine our financial, industrial policies.

In education – break with the Bologna system, abandon Western standards, the test approach. School is not a service, but personal education.

In science – abandon the Western “Scopus” and the like, increase support for independent-minded scientists.

In culture – abandon postmodernism. Turn to tradition and create according to the best examples of Russian and Soviet classics.

In healthcare – leave the WHO, it discredited itself by associating with Western pharmaceutical giants. The WHO has not yet approved the domestic “Sputnik” vaccine and is criminally silent about the US biolabs in Ukraine.

In sports – withdraw from the IOC and all organisations where we were illegally disqualified. Organise our own international sports movement according to honest rules.

In space – close the ISS with the Americans, to resume the “Mir” station or create together with China.

To some it will seem unreal, excessive, frightening. In fact, these are absolutely realistic and adequate actions.

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We live in a new reality. In it we have to build our own lives.

Not to look back at the international community, but to make and create our own. With our intellect, according to our values, traditions. This is self-sufficiency, independence, sovereignty.

We must not lose heart and wait for the West to return. We need to equip our country ourselves.

Healthy forces should take on the most difficult tasks. Offer ambitious projects. Fill the niches that have appeared, solve unsolvable problems.

The time has come for talented and audacious in a good way patriots. We have epochal tasks and goals before us. It is necessary to restore industry, education, culture, science.

Yes, we lack a number of secondary goods, products, some equipment of domestic production. But all the main resources are in abundance: grain, water, energy, land, precious metals.

Our territory is a real storehouse of deposits. It is worth taking a look at the map of minerals.

Key – from top to bottom, left to right: Gas, gold, nickel, platinum, uranium, oil, silver, shale oil, aluminium, iron ore, coal, diamond, manganese, tungsten, chromium, copper, tin, titanium, molybdenum

We more than own everything that can be used to make any product. We need broad, large-scale import substitution.

The great substitution of the Western for the Russian – everywhere and in everything

This is a huge challenge, but also a huge opportunity for Russia. Not to sit idly by and live on finished foreign products — from airplanes to diapers, but to create our own, original Russian world based on new technologies and traditional values.

Let’s build new cities of the future. Russian cities are spacious, beautiful, with Russian architecture.

Do you remember Shoigu’s project in Siberia? He is pre-occupied now. But don’t wait for Shoigu! There is a branch ministry, a special deputy prime minister. The president set a task for him – to build a lot of comfortable housing. Let him take over the Shoigu project.

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To build not concrete multi–storey hutches on the outskirts of cities – but spacious flourishing science cities with a new social standard of living.

A high standard for everyone. Based on public accessibility.

  • Make free and high-quality education – for everyone.
  • Free and high-quality healthcare – for everyone.
  • High–level cultural centres – with free access.

Social and cultural benefits for the nation are a highly profitable investment in the future, in the quality of the population.

Of course, it is necessary to raise the social standard not only in new cities, but everywhere. Qualitatively improve the infrastructure and social benefits of the whole nation. So that citizens’ opportunities do not depend on proximity to the capital.

It’s possible to use already built objects – shopping and office centres. Hundreds of them have been set up on a wave of bloated consumption – now they don’t know how to fill them.

To convert such centers into Houses of creativity and aesthetic education.

Some of them are built on a grand scale, like palaces. Let’s make it Palaces of Science and Culture. And they will teach everyone there arts and sciences for free.

We will open large scientific and cultural centres on these squares. We will make large public venues like amphitheaters. So that scientists, engineers, philosophers, theologians, poets could speak there. To attract young people to creation and not only.

Another important aspect is architectonics, architecture. It is necessary to stop using the architectural second-hand of the West.

All these faceless glass-concrete towers, dull boxes. Let’s abandon this and rethink what we are building. In which buildings we live, work, meet.

The Russian school of architecture should be revived. Not to return the wooden towers, of course, but to take a Russian look at the combination of buildings and Russian nature.

So that buildings – residential, public – express our ideals, dreams, traditions. So that they are not only comfortable for everyday life, but also warm the soul.

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By the way, elements of a terem, izba, sobor – it is quite possible to use in architecture.

Do not be afraid to be different from the West. Let the people’s thought work.

Let young architects draw from tradition and offer new forms.

Also everywhere – in literature, science, aircraft construction, education, in space.

Liberalism even commercialised space. Instead of human space exploration, space tourism is for the rich.

This is not our way. Russians, on the contrary, are called upon to transfer everything from monetary relations to gift ones. Instead of payment – donation.

What if we launch into space not the rich, but the most deserving people? Outstanding teachers, priests, miners, military. And to do it at the expense of all citizens, for voluntary fees.

Space travel as a gift for the most worthy.

If we can’t afford to explore space for everyone and plant apple trees on Mars, then let the most worthy ones be there! We do not need fruitless fantasies. We need a flight of thought, correlated with reality.

The main thing now is to change the worldview from consumer to creative.

To do this, the state must revise its ideology – from liberal to traditionalist.

So that every person looks around themselves not for what they want to consume, but what they want to create.

So that not the stomach looks out of a person, but the soul in the image and likeness.

So that looking around, they would not think “oh, what a difficult time!”, but “what great years!”

It is important to unleash the creative potential of everyone, to realise the wildest dreams.

It is important to feel who we are. Not a copy of the West, but a special civilisation, the Russian world.

Russian civilisation has always carried a huge charge of creativity and independent development.

It is important to realise the heirs of outstanding creators. Heirs of generations who transformed an eighth of the earth.

Eduard Birov

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