Darya Mastikasheva Wrote a Farewell Letter After Being Tortured by the SBU

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Darya Mastikasheva, accused by the Ukrainian authorities of treason, doesn’t believe that she will be able to come out of prison alive…

Darya wrote about this in a letter, which she managed to transfer from the Dnepropetrovsk pre-trial detention center. The letter was written on October 20th.

“Dear mother and Danechka [her son – ed]! I have no more strength any more to endure the SBU’s humiliations and mockeries. Without having absolutely any rights for defence and no at least human relation, I decided to go on a hunger strike in protest at the arbitrariness of the bastards who kidnapped and tortured me, and then threw me in prison, humiliating me here! … No law acts in Ukraine. There is only fear and violence,” wrote Darya Mastikasheva in the letter dated October 20th.

She also expressed the hope that everyone who is guilty of her illegal detention behind bars will sooner or later be punished.

“In the wild cold, dampness, and darkness of the cell I dream about you and Danechka. I want to hug you so much. I am sure that Gritsak (the head of the SBU Vasily Gritsak – ed), Kritsin (the head of the SBU in Dnepropetrovsk – Colonel Eduard Kritsyn — ed), Ena (the first deputy head of the Zaporozhye SBU Ruslan Ena — ed), and also everyone who mocked me will one day incur their deserved punishment! Farewell, mother, hug and kiss Danechka! Your Dasha”.

The letter of Darya Mastikasheva was transferred to the publication Ukraina.ru by her husband Sergey Sokolov. He said that Darya is sat alone in the cell.

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Despite constant health complaints, which was affected by the torture that the SBU subjected her to, the doctors haven’t been allowed to visit her since August 17th.

“During the hunger strike neither a doctor nor the person on duty ever came to her cell in order to simply take an interest in whether she is alive or not,” stressed Sokolov.

He also described the cell that Darya is in: it’s cold and damp — the heating doesn’t work. There is no hot or cold water. The administration ignores the prisoner, although from the moment the hunger strike began the chief of the pre-trial detention center was obliged to talk to her, but nobody came to see her. Moreover, the ordinary employees of the pre-trial detention center demonstratively throw in the bin all written appeals of Darya Mastikasheva.

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