The Daughter and Grandson of Yanukovych’s Godfather Were Murdered on the Territory of Donbass Controlled by Kiev

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The killed family in Velikaya Novoselka of the Donetsk region is the immediate family of the Godfather of Viktor Yanukovych – Valery Shira. This was described to “Strana” by residents of the settlement.

The murder happened on December 6th on territories controlled by Ukraine. Law enforcement bodies found a husband, wife, and their 23-year-old son in their own house, bound and dead. They were tortured before death – there are traces of slash wounds on their bodies.

Valery Shira was the chairman of the Velikaya Novoselka regional administration and also the close friend and Godfather of the former President Viktor Yanukovych. The killed woman was his daughter, the man – the son-in-law, and the young man – the grandson, reported the people living in the neighbourhood to “Strana”.

The killed lay facedown

They say that Shira now lives in Donetsk, on the territory not controlled by Ukraine. The proposed motives of the crime differ among neighbours. Shira’s family lived in a good – by local standards – house, and they had objects of value. The killed son-in-law of Shira was a big farmer.

“Shira had a huge house earlier here, almost a ‘palace’, but it was already reduced literally to bricks,” said the female resident of the settlement to “Strana”. The other respondents of “Strana” – residents of Velikaya Novoselka – consider that it could be revenge against the family of the prominent “regional”.

“On the territory of Donbass occupied by Ukrainian militants, the relatives of the former head of the regional executive committee were brutally murdered. Before their death, they were tied up and tortured. The question is: why don’t Donetsk residents want Ukrainian militants to come to them? Because they know how it will end.”

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