The Daughter of a Ukrainian Regional Deputy Proudly Shared Photos With Nazi Symbols

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Irina Timchenko, the citizen of Sumy, employee of Sumy State University, and the daughter of the Deputy of the Sumy Regional Council from “Fatherland” – head of department of management of Sumy State University Aleksandr Telizhenko, posted photos from the Kiev quest room on Facebook.

It would be nothing if it was just attraction for intellectual relaxation – it is normal for relatives of Professor and Doctor of Economic Sciences. It is only the Nazi theme that is surprising – chosen for entertainment and fun photo shoots.

“Krutetskaya quest-room of Hitler’s Bunker. Complex and very ‘engineered’. That’s why, 57 minutes,” comments Irina. And at this time the young woman is not bothered neither by the forbidden all over the world swastika, nor the portrait of Hitler in the background…

The very fact of the existence of such quest rooms in Ukraine testifies to such tendencies, which may become overtly fashionable. 

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