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NEW – June 8, 2022

Davydov Brod is a village in the Kherson region near the border with Nikolaev, where the UAF has already made several attempts to organise an offensive (counteroffensive) in the direction of Berislav and apparently planned to reach Kherson itself and liberate it, as the mayor of Nikolaev promised many times since March.

All the UAF’s attacks on Davydov Brod either choked or failed miserably – here it’s possible to pick a variety of epithets.

The first attack on Davydov Brod by the UAF was launched on May 30.

More than 200 personnel and 20 armoured vehicles were lost in that attack. And these are just the losses that remained on the battlefield. Russian troops continued to strike at the retreating parts of the UAF, and there were losses there too.

Perhaps these were the largest one-time losses in one battle during the entire war.

However, the very next day, the UAF made a second attempt to attack Davydov Brod, gathering even greater forces and conducting artillery preparation before the attack.

According to some estimates, three or even four battalion tactical groups were involved in the second attack.

The attack came from two directions at once.

Probably they expected that with numerical superiority, and even after artillery preparation, they would be able to break through the defenses of the Russian troops and…

And again, nothing happened.

True, the losses were already less, but only because all the UAF units involved in the offensive quickly retreated after the first strikes of Russian artillery and aviation. More precisely, they escaped.

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Thus, on May 30-31, one of the largest UAF offensives ended. In any case, the largest on the Nikolaev-Kherson sector of the front.

An offensive that was prepared for a very long time and during which they were going to liberate Kherson.

In practice, even Davydov Brod was not freed, not to mention Berislav.

And what would you think?

After that, the UAF repeated attempts to occupy Davydov Brod twice more. However, Russian troops played along with them a little, imitating a retreat so that the UAF could occupy the supposedly free city.

In general, for a whole week they played military “cat and mouse”.

One can only guess how much military equipment and personnel were lost during all these attacks on Davydov Brod by the UAF. I have not found exact data anywhere. But I think the battalion is already lost there in full strength. No less.

On the scale of the entire war, the losses of the UAF in this place are not so great – in Mariupol they lost several thousand (up to 10,000 in the entire Mariupol sector), during the current hostilities they lose almost a battalion every day.

Another thing is indicative of the maniacal persistence with which the command sends troops into the meat grinder, even realising the complete futility of attacks.

Approximately the same thing is happening in the Kharkov region, where the UAF is also constantly trying to organise some kind of offensive and reach the Russian border.

All the offensives in the Kharkov direction were repulsed one way or another. With different losses, but invariably. At the same time, the losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in all cases were greater than the losses of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Sometimes many-fold more.

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Approximately the same thing is happening in Severodonetsk and Lisichansk, where the UAF has transferred all the reserves of the Donbass grouping and even some from Kharkov. In total, several thousand fighters were transferred there. In addition to the 10,000-15,000 that were already there. And some of them have already died. And the rest… for the rest what lies ahead is…

Even Kiev itself has already mentally prepared for the surrender of Severodonetsk and has begun to prepare public opinion for this. And then the same thing will happen with Lisichansk.

But the defence of Mariupol and Severodonetsk had at least some military logic, while the attempts to attack Davydov Brod, Berislav and Kherson, which twice ended in complete failure and heavy losses, but were repeated again, had no military prospects.

It’s just some kind of “destruction of personnel”.

It seems that Kiev is no longer trying to win the war, but is trying to get rid of its own troops as soon as possible.

It sends everyone to the meat grinder so that the troops will end as soon as possible and this painful war, in which Kiev hardly hopes to win, will end with them.

There is simply no other way to explain it.

This is no longer a war, but some kind of “military suicide”…

Aleksandr Rusyn

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