Day Number 1000

Translated by Lada Pyatnitskaya



Denis Grigoryuk (Resident of Donbass)


The siege of Leningrad lasted 872 days. Our position should not be compared with those people who had to endure the blockade, but our number has long exceeded the number of days in the besieged Leningrad. The so-called anti-terrorist operation has lasted for 1000 days.

The most powerful army against its own people cannot defeat them over 1000 days already. The killing of innocent people, destruction of infrastructure, violence against women and children – the people of Donbass have been suffering from this for the third year already.

That’s a tragic anniversary. But it’s very revealing. We will stand! We have already experienced a lot! And we did not give up! And we won’t give up! The enemy understands this and therefore will keep on trying to fight with us. Let him try! Donbass has already proved that we’re able to fight, repeatedly humiliating the most powerful army in Europe.

No one was able to put Donbass on its knees and no one will be able to do this in the future!

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